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Fantasy football studs: Houston Texans


Deandre Hopkins without a doubt

If last year had you doubtful, this year should leave no doubt – DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best receivers in fantasy football. Now that there is someone who will consistently take the snaps, Hopkins can only do better. Quarterback inconsistencies last year caused mixed results with how well he did in fantasy, but even with that, he was stellar.

Now that Brock Osweiler will give him a steady hand at the quarterback position – OK, let’s be realistic; we are talking about Houston – now that the expectation is that Brock Osweiler will give the Texans a steady hand at the quarterback position, this wide receiver should do nothing but shine. Last season, Hopkins was about to notch 10 or more fantasy points in 16 games, catching 111 of the 193 targets that were sent his way – how much better can that get? As long as Osweiler gets the ball to Hopkins, he will maintain his status as an elite fantasy receiver.

Hopkin’s focus this year is to improve on his ability after the catch. If there was an issue with that, he sure didn’t make it apparent with the breakout season he had in 2015. That said, he’s looking to make what was already great magnificent. When you have a wide receiver who is already great and is motivated to improve himself even more, you’ve got something. Couple that with a quarterback with proven success as a backup to Peyton Manning (and the Super Bowl ring to prove it) who will provide skill and stability to a position that has had neither with the Texans in recent memory. The only logical outcome is a stellar season with fantasy football success.

What about Lamar Miller?

Speaking of fantasy football success, let’s talk about the Texans’ latest acquisition in Lamar Miller from the Miami Dolphins. Many of the Texans faithful were sad to see Arian Foster go, but wow, what a replacement. Letting Lamar Miller leave the Dolphins was the worst mistake the Miami brass could have made – but the decision is paying off for the Houston Texans. The crowd chanting, “Free Lamar Miller” has probably gotten their wish.

In 2015, Miller proved his worth with the Dolphins. But even with an incredible season, no one can explain how he had so many games with single-digit rushing attempts. Well, with the Texans’ propensity to run the ball, it is highly doubtful he will have this problem in Houston. His new home should provide him with the ability to showcase his immense talent and display itself with career highs in rushing attempts and plenty of game time due to his experience and skill.

Together, they’re better

What makes this even better is that DeAndre Hopkins and Lamar Miller will highlight each other in their fantasy game. Hopkins will take the pressure off the run game for Miller. This is a win-win, and both deserve first-round fantasy draft picks.

While their skills are substantial, some uncertainties are kind of out of their hands. The biggest is the situation at quarterback. Where the acquisition of Brock Osweiler was a smart investment, there is some question surrounding whether the $72 million investment will pay off. There is plenty to substantiate that it will, but placing all your faith in the success of a player in a position that has had massive problems for the Texans is not so easily done. With Hopkins and Miller, their fantasy success is largely dependent on the offensive scheme and their ability to connect with the quarterback.

If Osweiler is able to deliver on the promise he showed in Denver behind Peyton Manning, the Texans may have a franchise quarterback and Hopkins and Miller will have breakout seasons with the stats to match. If, for some reason, the Osweiler gamble is a bust, the hope that these two will strike fantasy gold might face some obstacles.

The great thing about Hopkins and Miller is that they are proven hot commodities in fantasy football. Hopkins made his skill set clear last season, and with Miller’s experience in Miami, there is no doubt he has the potential to be wildly successful in Houston. At this point, we have to wait and see.

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