‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa Answers Fake Storyline Question

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1000-Lb Best Friends is getting a lot of love this season. As the women have gone deeper into their weight loss journey, they have overcome a lot of obstacles. Vannessa, Meghan, Ashely, and Tina are doing their best to drop the pounds. However, there have been a lot of questions about the storyline of this season. In fact, some fans took to social media to call out the cast for faking their stories. Vannessa knew that she had to put a stop to this.

Vannessa Cross Answers Questions

In a recent post on Reddit, viewers wanted to figure out what was going on with 1000-Lb Best Friends. Some of them weren’t sure that the show is genuine. In fact, there are fans who think these storylines have been faked. Now it looks as if Vannessa must answer questions to prove them wrong. The post began with a screenshot of a fan addressing Vannessa about the show. The fan wrote, “In next week’s episode, it shows Meghan flying out of the room after Tina asks her and John to leave. But then, you see them just after, and they act like nothing happened. Starting to think y’all are staged and edited too.”


Vannessa was quick to react to this fan’s question. She told them that the show is not staged. She added, “We just that funny and the drama is real. It sucks to put it out there like that and be judged and ridiculed.” Vanessa went on to say that it’s hard when everyone is watching their lives, but in the end, that is what they chose to do.

The Weight Loss Journey For 1000-Lb Best Friends

The women from the show are still trying to lose more weight. Fans have seen their self-confidence get boosted, but there are still some issues. Meghan has hit a standstill with the stress of planning a wedding. Tina still needs to talk to a therapist and a nutritionist. Ashely finally got approved for her weight loss surgery. However, Vannessa is still trying to qualify for skin removal surgery.

1000-Lb Best Friends- YouTube
1000-Lb Best Friends- YouTube

In previous episodes, we have seen them pushing themselves to the limit. They even went to a weight loss boot camp to see if this could help them drop the pounds faster. These four women have worked as hard as they can to be where they are today! Fans of the show are ready to see more weight loss and changes in their lives. More so, they would love to see them start their lives again and for some to find love again.

Do you think that 1000-Lb Best Friends is scripted? Do you think TLC edits too much of these shows? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. In addition, you should stay with us, here at TV Shows Ace for more 1000Lb Best Friends.