‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Halterman Back With Husband Michael?

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans have spotted a clue that might mean that Amy Halterman is back with her estranged husband Michael. News of their split surfaced in the last week of February 2023. The issue seems to stem from their transition into parenthood and also the fact that Amy feels her husband is lazy. She also moved out of her house and has been living with her sister Tammy Slaton. So, is she back with Michael? Keep reading to find out the details!

Amy Halterman Feels Her Husband Michael Is Jealous

Amy Halterman and Michael have two different opinions regarding their kids. While the mother of two feels both Gage and Glenn should be a part of the TLC series, Michael feels otherwise. An insider even claimed that the estranged couple has been fighting over this for months. Moreover, Amy also feels that Michael has been jealous of her attention toward the kids.

Amy Halterman Michael Halterman Instagram

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For Glenn’s 8-month milestone, Amy Halterman snubbed Michael in her tribute. In the post, she shared a series of images of her second son and wrote, “Happy 8 months baby mama, and gage and everyone love you baby!!!!”

The fact that she intentionally named herself and Gage while leaving out Michael surely added fuel to the split rumors.

Amy Poses With Tammy Without Her Wedding Ring

Moreover, she was also spotted smiling and beaming alongside her sister Tammy when out shopping at Walmart in Evansville, Indiana.

Amy Halterman Tammy Slaton 1000-Lb. Sisters Reddit TLC

[Source: Reddit]

In the picture, fans noticed that Amy was without her wedding ring which might mean that the rumors are really true. However, now, fans have spotted a clue that might mean that the estranged couple is back together.

Amy Halterman Visits Escape Room In Evansville With Tammy

Tammy and Amy recently visited Escape Evansville, a themed brain teaser escape room. The picture of the duo was shared on Escape Evansville’s official Instagram account. Fans re-shared the picture on Reddit and gushed over the fact that both Tammy and Amy looked thinner than ever. However, some eagle-eyed fans noted that Amy was wearing her wedding ring.

One fan wrote, “Just noticed that Amy is wearing her wedding ring. Not sure how old this picture is but I think it’s from the last week since she has the bag she posted on Instagram a few days ago.”

Amy Halterman Tammy Slaton 1000-Lb. Sisters Instagram TLC

[Source: Instagram]

Another noted, “I’m not putting much stock in the separation rumors until someone in the family confirms or denies it.”

Amy Halterman previously dropped a hint on Valentine’s Day that she had split from her husband. She took to Instagram and shared pictures of their sons, Gage and Glenn. However, she made no reference to her husband.

So, do you think Amy Halterman is really back with her estranged husband? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters!