15 courses on how to become quality management-certified

Mastering Six Sigma requires you to follow a certification roadmap from White Belt, which validates your understanding of the basics, to Black Belt, or expert level. Along the way, you’ll learn how to identify the root causes of business problems using 5 Why Analysis, analyze data in Minitab, visualize an organization from an end-to-end perspective and so much more. 

From there, you can delve into the Lean courses in order to identify and eliminate waste, or you can expand on your Minitab skills and become adept at executing control charts. The choice is yours. 

Every company will benefit from hiring more Lean and Six Sigma-certified professionals, and with The 2021 Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle, you can learn both. All 15 courses would normally set you back $2,998, but you can purchase them all today for $32, or 98% off.

Prices are subject to change.

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