15 NBA teams that have come closest to overcoming a 3-0 series deficit

Will Jayson Tatum power the Celtics to win the East Finals after losing their first three games? 

Below is a list of the 15 NBA teams that forced at least a Game 6 in a best-of-seven NBA playoff series after dropping the first three games:

  • 1947 BAA Semifinals: Washington Capitols trailed Chicago Stags 3-0, lost in six.
  • 1949 BAA Finals: Washington Capitols trailed Minneapolis 3-0, lost in six.
  • 1951 NBA Finals: New York trailed Rochester Royals 3-0, lost in seven.
  • 1962 Western Division finals: Detroit trailed L.A. Lakers 3-0, lost in six.
  • 1994 Western Conference semifinals: Denver trailed Utah 3-0, lost in seven.
  • 1996 NBA Finals: Seattle trailed Chicago 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2000 Eastern Conference semifinals: Philadelphia trailed Indiana 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2003 Western Conference first round: Portland trailed Dallas 3-0, lost in seven.
  • 2007 Eastern Conference semifinals: Chicago trailed Detroit 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2010 Eastern Conference finals: Orlando trailed Boston 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2013 Eastern Conference first round: Boston trailed New York 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2013 Western Conference first round: Houston trailed Oklahoma City 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2015 Eastern Conference first round: Milwaukee trailed Chicago 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2022 Eastern Conference first round: Toronto trailed Philadelphia 3-0, lost in six.
  • 2023 Eastern Conference Finals: Boston trailed Miami 3-0, forced Game 6 on Saturday.