49ers’ Solomon Thomas back in spot where he expects to ‘wreak havoc’

Being the third-best draft pick for the team can take a toll on the player with the expectations attached. However, this isn’t the case with Solomon Thomas. The team 49ers has recently declined the 5th year inclusive option for Thomas for the year 2021. He was supposed to be a part of the team after Mitchell Trubisky and Myles Garrett.

His performance absence during the initial 3 NFL seasons failed to warrant any discussion. It wasn’t even worth discussing whether he is worth retaining for the year-long deal that is dubbed to pay him about $12.5 Million. Thomas needs to be up and ready to prove himself this season.

He has also realized that it is now onto him to ensure that he can serve as a valued member of the defensive rotation line. Further, he needs to convince the team that there sure is a place for him for the next season in the 49ers.

During a video conference with the reporters from the Bay Area, Thomas mentioned that this year is going to be a huge opportunity for him. In the recent few years, Thomas has managed to gain 15+ pounds, which has deteriorated his performance, especially for a defensive tackle.