A LeBron James lookalike appeared at a Lakers game on Halloween and fans lost it

via Spectrum SportsNet/NBA

  • A LeBron James lookalike appeared behind James at a Lakers game on Halloween.

  • Fans had fun laughing at the coincidence.

  • James himself even laughed at his apparent twin.

There was either an apparition, great costume, or spooky coincidence at Staples Center on Halloween.

During the Los Angeles Lakers’ 95-85 win over the Houston Rockets on Sunday, cameras showed LeBron James running back on defense when along the baseline, in the stands, another LeBron James seemingly appeared.

Though this LeBron lookalike appeared for just a moment, eating some popcorn, plenty of fans took notice.

James even weighed in on the lookalike after.

Several fans had fun with the coincidence taking place on Halloween.

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