A Southwest pilot crawled in through the plane’s window after being locked out of the cockpit before takeoff

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 passenger jet prepares to depart the gate.George Rose/Getty Images

  • A Southwest pilot was captured crawling through the plane’s windscreen.

  • The pilot was locked out of the cockpit, the passenger who took the photo said.

  • “Well that is definitely something you don’t see every day,” Southwest said about the photo.

A passenger captured a hilarious photo of a pilot crawling through the window of a Southwest Airlines plane after being locked out of the cockpit.

Matt Rexroad posted a photo on Twitter showing the pilot standing on an airstar at the side of the plane’s windscreen. The pilot’s upper body was outstretched inside the plane as he attempted to open the door.

“No jokeā€¦ yesterday last passenger got off plane with no one else on board, he shut the door. Door locked,” Rexroad wrote in the post on Thursday.

Rexroad told CBS News that he was a passenger on the Southwest flight headed to Sacramento from San Diego.

Southwest took a jab at the photo, writing in a reply to Rexroad’s post that it’s “definitely something you don’t see everyday.”

“We love you, Matt!,” the airline wrote in another reply, after Rexroad commented that he loves the airline.

A few Twitter users responded in disbelief, with one user named Ryan Clumpner commenting that they “had no clue cockpit windows even opened.”

Another user, Rob Stutzman, questioned why the pilot “didn’t try a coat hanger first”.

It’s not the first time a pilot has gotten locked out of the cockpit. In a TikTok posted in July last year, an American Airlines pilot was shown climbing into the plane through the windscreen.

Rexroad and Southwest Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment, sent outside office hours.

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