Adele Nieuwsma provides passion to lead growth of Saugatuck soccer to state power

SAUGATUCK – The Saugatuck girls soccer program has slowly emerged into a state power the past four years.

While much of that credit deservedly goes to coach Jordan Campbell, for a to go from good to great, it needs a passionate leader.

Adele Nieuwsma has been that for the Trailblazers, building the energy and excitement around soccer, a program that has only been around at Saugatuck a little more than a decade.

“She has brought a good culture change for us. We have had some good soccer players before, but no one who has been so engaged,” Campbell said. “She has meant so much. She has a passion for soccer. She is one of those kids who is a magnet in the school community. Kids want to be around her and she is involved in so many organizations. She just talks about soccer all the time and the younger girls look up to her.