All you need to know about NHL 2022

This season marks the 105th edition of NHL. As previously, this season will also have 32 teams, 25 from the U.S and the rest from Canada. With time the popularity of the game is increasing and it is moving away from the cult following to the masses. The recent closure of the trade window has made all the fans excited for the season. This season promises to stage a bigger and better league.

How does the NHL draft work?

Like any other sport, the NHL draft works the same, it allows teams to pick players in an order decided through a lottery. However, there is a twist. Pick order of round 1 is decided through a lottery in which 16 teams are included that could not make the playoffs. The top 2 winners can move up to a maximum of 10 spots in picking order and not more than that. This means any team below 11 has a chance of winning the first overall pick.

The remaining 12 teams have the slots based on their performances in the previous season, the worst from the lot gets the third spot in pick order. The rest of the 16 teams are sorted based on the combination of their league and playoffs performances.

Here is an interesting fact, pick order is based on weighted lottery odds. It is a complicated numbering system that was designed to discourage the teams from performing badly intentionally so they can have an automatic first pick in the draft. Each team is assigned a number calculated on their per cent chance of winning. A team with the worst record is given the odds of 18.5% and then it goes down to 0.5%.

What happened in the trade window in NHL 2022?

It is very common in the NHL for teams to trade their draft choices. The primary reason is to acquire the best available talent and make the team stronger. The trade deadline ends in March six weeks prior, so in this season, there have been 33 trades made and 54 players transferred.

The two most anticipated trades did happen after months of speculation, Marc-Andre Fleury traded to the Minnesota Wild from the Chicago Blackhawks and Claude Girouc moved to the Florida Panthers from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Interestingly the New York Rangers build a strong line-up of rosters without giving up anyone from their current players. They acquire Andrew Copp, Tyler Motte, and Justin Braun from the Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, and Philadelphia Flyers, respectively.

Furthermore, arguably the smartest play came from the Tampa Bay Lightning. They were able to make the most of their minimal salary limit. They got Brandon Hagel, Nick Paul and Riley Nash.

NHL 2022 odds

There are several ways to wager in the NHL. For convenience, the sports betting industry is rapidly innovating and making it easier for the masses to join.

NHL teams’ odds are represented with a positive or a negative sign. A positive sign means that the team is the underdog, for example, Montreal Canadiens have a +150 odds, and it means you need to bet $100 to win $150. In contrast, a negative sign means that the team is the favourite. For example, if the Montreal Canadiens had the -150 odds, it would mean that you need to bet $150 to win a $100.

NHL Moneyline

It is the simplest and most popular form of wagering. In this bet, all you need to do is pick a winner and if that team wins, you win. Because NHL teams are unequal, NHL lines are not similar and pay differently depending on the chances of winning.

NHL spreads

It is also known as puck lines. NHL spreads are lucrative at times and give a good payout. It is common for NHL games to be decided on one goal, so the spread is set at 1.5 goals. It is your choice to go with a favourite or an underdog.

NHL over and under

This is a good way of betting for those who are not sure about the winning team. In this category, oddsmakers project the number of goals to be scored in a game, you need to predict and bet if the final score would be over or under the projections.

Who is the favourite to win NHL 2022?

The league is distributed into two conferences, the eastern conference and the western conference. Although it is earlier to predict the winners, here goes the wild guess.

The Florida Panthers look favourite to win the eastern conference and Colorado Avalanche to win the western conference.