Amanda Halterman’s Eyes Bulging As She Makes Fun Of Sister

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Amanda Halterman and the rest of the 1000-Lb Sisters cast are all about family. However, that won’t stop them from roasting each other now and then.

Over the course of four seasons, viewers have watched the siblings curse at each other, tease one another about gaining weight, and so much more.

This year, it seems like Amanda and Amy have grown close onscreen. Amy has two little boys and not a lot of help from her husband Michael, so Amanda has really stepped up to help her younger sister provide for Glenn and Gage.

But of course, Amanda still has to tease her baby sister now and then.

Amanda Halterman throws serious shade at baby sister Amy

Like all siblings do, the cast of 1000-Lb Sisters bicker and fight frequently. But no matter how rough things get, they’ll always be there for one another.

This season, fans have seen Amanda, Chris, Misty, and Amy rise to the occasion and help Tammy amid her health issues. The five siblings have an unbreakable bond that many fans truly admire.

Amanda Halterman and Misty from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

But now and then, they still have the strong urge to poke fun at one another.

“Amy said, ‘My phone ain’t stop going off all day. I ain’t stop getting NOT-ifications,” Amanda tells her fans in her latest TikTok. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone, likely Amy, yelling at Amanda to shut up.

“I said, NOT-ifications? She talking about NOTIFICATIONS,” the TLC star continues. “She said ‘NOT-ifications,’ is kinda like her saying ‘Covick.’”

As the camera rolls, her eyes bulge as she laughs and mocks her sister’s pronunciations.

Check out Amanda’s TikTok here and see for yourself:


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“Amy got her own language 😂” one of Amanda’s TikTok followers quipped in the comments, noting that Amy frequently mispronounces words on the show too.

“You and Chris are undefeated with the jokes 😂😂” added another.

“Leave Amy alone, her bills are paid! 😂😂” one fan remarked, bringing up an old 1000-Lb Sisters joke.

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The TLC star is also using her TikTok for good

Although Amanda Halterman has no problem roasting her siblings online, she also uses her new platform for good too.

Tammy Slaton is home from rehab and couldn’t be happier to reunite with her family. Amanda captured a sweet moment between Tammy and Amy’s sons on camera.

In this TikTok, Tammy holds baby Glenn while another family member swings Gage around. Now that Tammy has shed over 300 lbs, she likely has more energy to play and keep up with her little nephews.

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