Amazon 2022 hardware event: how to preorder all of the new tech

In the span of one hour, Amazon absolutely flooded the zone with a litany of product announcements. Thankfully, we were ready; we flooded our respective zone with stories covering the new Kindle Scribe, the smarter, more capable Fire TV Cube, and a lot more.

If you’re wondering when you can get your hands on Amazon’s latest tech, most of it will launch later this year (and as soon as October, in some cases). Better yet, many of these devices are available to preorder now. So, here are all of the preorder links, release dates, and pricing details available for Amazon’s latest slate of products.

A photo of an Amazon Kindle Scribe with a drawing of a dinosaur on the screen.

Image: Amazon

Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe (pictured above) is Amazon’s new, high-end e-reader, one that also functions as a tablet for writing down notes. My colleague David Pierce has more info on this interesting addition right here. Preorders are open now and start at $339.99. As for when you can get one yourself, the company is promising that it’ll release before the holidays. Amazon’s shopping page currently lists November 30th as the release date.

Image of the Rise, a circular device with a three-quarter ring of LEDs, and a small clock at the bottom.

Image: Amazon

Halo Rise

Amazon’s Halo Rise, a smart alarm clock-meets-sleep analysis machine, is coming later this year. It’s unique in that it can track your respiration without mics or cameras, and it includes a light that brightens as the sun rises to wake you up more naturally. It’ll cost $139.99 once it’s available to preorder, and Amazon says it’s coming this year. You can submit your email address for updates on availability.

Image: Amazon

A white-colored Echo Studio smart speaker

If you’ve been holding out for a white Echo Studio, today’s Amazon event delivered the good news that a white model will begin shipping next month for $199.99, the smart speaker’s usual asking price. You can preorder it now, and Amazon has shared that all Echo Studio speakers will receive a software update that enhances the audio performance.

Image: Amazon

Echo Dot (fifth-gen) smart speakers

Amazon has announced yet another generation of Echo Dot smart speakers. Here’s all of the crucial info that we have on them. If you want the TL;DR, however, they look similar to the previous model, but the company claims that there are several notable improvements. These include better sound and the ability to serve as a Wi-Fi extender (adding 1,000 sq. ft) for existing Eero mesh Wi-Fi systems. You can preorder the Echo Dot (fifth-gen) today for $49.99 or the Echo Dot with Clock for $59.99, and each will ship on October 20th.

Not to leave the kids out, the company is also releasing a new version of the Echo Dot Kids next month for $59.99, which you can preorder now. The new models feature either an owl or dragon design, and each includes one year of Amazon Kids Plus, providing access to a trove of kid-friendly content.

An Amazon Echo Auto mounted to the center console of a car, just below buttons for seat heater controls.

Image: Amazon

Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon’s Echo Auto for the car got a refresh. It sports a smaller, fabric-covered form factor, and it’ll work with a new roadside assistance feature that Amazon detailed during the event (which you can read more about in the link above). That device will cost $54.99, though no shipping date was shared. The device’s purchase page is here, but instead of letting you preorder, it’ll take your email address if you want to be updated on when it’s available to order.

Ring’s spotlight camera is installed on an outdoor white wall with a cable running straight down. Off the wall is a dark wooded background, and the camera has two lights on either side of its body on.

Image: Ring

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

Shifting over to Amazon’s home monitoring and security catalog of devices, the new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro will be available on October 26th, and you can preorder it from Ring starting today for $229.99. Here’s a deeper dive into what to expect with the new device in terms of specs and capabilities.

The scene is a wooden kitchen counter with a flower pot offset to the right, and in the center is the Blink Mini cam, which is a blocky black and white device. It’s mounted on a white bullet-shaped body that makes it look like a Pixar-style robot device. There’s a cable running out the back.

Image: Amazon

Blink Mini Pan Tilt

If you have a Blink Mini camera, the Pan Tilt attachment can let it — you guessed it — pan or tilt to give it some more functionality. That accessory costs $29.99, and you can preorder it now. If you don’t have a Blink Mini camera, you can get the whole kit for $59.99. It’s set to launch on October 20th, according to Amazon’s store. Here’s everything we know about the Blink Mini Pan Tilt.

The new Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is also coming later this year and will cost $99.99. Amazon didn’t share any release date info during the event today, but you can submit your email address for more info when it becomes available.

Image of an Eero gateway flush-mounted to a wall.

Image: Eero

Eero PoE (power over Ethernet) devices

Amazon launched the Eero Pro 6E earlier this year, but the company seems to be getting into power-user territory with the Eero PoE (power over Ethernet) 6, which is coming later this year for $299.99. Additionally, Amazon now offers a pricier PoE gateway in its lineup that costs $649.99. There’s no release date listed for either product, though you can submit your email address for more info. My colleague Mitchell Clark neatly summed up why you might want — or need — something like this.

An image of the Amazon Fire TV Cube (2022) sitting below a television on a stand.

Image: Amazon

Fire TV Cube (third-gen)

There are some new gadgets to consider for your next entertainment center refresh. Amazon will release the new and improved Fire TV Cube on October 25th, which has a fabric-coated design with some rounded edges, along with additions like HDMI in for routing your cable box to let Alexa control it. You can preorder it starting today for $139.99.

An image of a woman speaking voice commands to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Remote Pro while holding it in her left hand.

Image: Amazon

Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Not only that, there’s a smarter Alexa remote called the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. It has backlit keys that should make it easier to find it in a dark room, as well as two programmable buttons. It’s set to launch on November 16th for $39.99 but is available for preorder starting today.

Image: Amazon

Fire TV Omni QLED TVs

Last but not least (both in terms of price and appeal) is the new range of Fire TV Omni QLED televisions. My colleague Chris Welch correctly notes that these look like Samsung’s art-inspired Frame TVs, given that Amazon pitched that their picture quality is so good that you can display art on them. Amazon will release a 65-inch and 75-inch version later this year, starting at $799.99 and going up to $1,099.99 for the 75-inch model. You can preorder them starting today, and Amazon’s site says they’ll release on October 27th.