Amazon hardware event 2022: Live coverage

Amazon is holding its annual fall showcase of new devices on September 28 at 9AM PT/12PM ET and as usual for an Amazon event, we expect things to get a little chaotic. Amazon’s stream is not open to the public, or even to all members of the press. Meanwhile, and during the one-hour-or-so presentation, we expect the company to unleash a firehose of new products ahead of the holiday season, from Fire TV devices to Echo speakers and displays to who knows what else. (Remember that time Amazon surprised us with an Alexa-powered microwave?) 

Fortunately, Team Engadget are among the media outlets that can view the livestream, and we’ll be liveblogging everything that comes out of the event. Bookmark this page and tune in below to our liveblog, kicking off around the same time the event does, at noon ET on Wednesday.

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