Amy Halterman Went From Fan-Favorite To Jealous Bully, Why?

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans are calling Amy Halterman out for being “a little d*ckish” on Season 4 of the TLC series. Is life getting to her? Is she suffering from postpartum depression? Could she just be jealous of her sister Tammy finally getting in the spotlight? Regardless of why the foul mood is happening this season, fans are fed up with it.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans rip Amy Halterman’s foul personality this season

There’s been a pretty heated debate on Reddit the past two weeks regarding whether Amy Halterman is coming off as “a little d*ckish” this season. Some fans admit they don’t really like the side of Amy they are seeing while others believe her foul personality is completely understandable considering how life is weighing her down.

One fan noted there are three huge reasons why Amy doesn’t have a bubbly and cheerful personality this season. First, fans believe she’s suffering from postpartum depression. Second, fans believe she’s realizing that her husband is a piece of garbage. Third, she’s just completely exhausted when it comes to her sister Tammy.

Other fans, however, say there are no good excuses for the way Amy has been talking about and regarding her sister. In fact, other fans agree it feels as though Tammy has finally started to move in the right direction with her weight loss and Amy is just jealous.

One frustrated fan penned: “Yes, I’ve noticed she’s always negative about Tammy. Don’t get me wrong Tammy was a total B, but then don’t sit there all worried about her 2 minutes later.”

“Tammy is getting most of the attention and praise and I think she is jealous,” a second fan agreed.

I noticed in season 4 however, with Tammy losing and actually putting effort this time, Amy seems to kind of undermine her achievements? ‘She’s gonna go back to her old ways.’ Making fat shaming jokes… and while doing that, she’s being a hypocrite herself. Telling Tammy what she should and should not be doing, while also reverting back to junk and excusing “pregnancy” for why she is eating things she shouldn’t be (and disobeyed doctor’s orders.) I get Tammy is still being a bit stubborn or edgy in these episodes but she’s actually trying. She’s trying to eat right, trying to get her life of her own… seeing Amy still act like this toward Tammy.. idk. Anyone else notice this?

Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4, TLC

Amy is still losing weight too, though

Now, at the time this thread was posted. Fans were more than a little frustrated with Amy Halterman. It appeared as if she had all but given up on weight loss now that she had her two children. Amy however, recently revealed losing weight was still happening as she posted a shockingly slim full-body snap of herself on her Instagram profile.

Do you think Amy is jealous of her sister Tammy? Is she suffering from depression? Is she having a hard time because of her marriage issues? Let us know in the comments down below what you think.