Amy Roloff Gets Shockingly Rude With Adoring Fan

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One LPBW fan admits they had no idea how big of a fan their mother-in-law was of Amy Roloff and Little People, Big World until they stumbled upon her while going out to eat. Taking to a thread on Reddit, the OP reveals that it was the moment her mother-in-law became too starstruck to function that she realized she was a huge fan of the Roloff family.

Now, the OP proceeded to explain that they do have a pretty strict personal rule when it comes to seeing celebrities or reality TV stars in public. The OP explained, “I have the tact not to bother ANYBODY eating their meal in public.”

The OP, however, admits they had no control over their mother-in-law turning into a “teenage fan girl.” 

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Amy Roloff gets shockingly rude with adoring fan

Telling the story of what happened, the OP explained that they “behaved” while enjoying their meal. When they were leaving, however, she recalls her mother-in-law waving like a “teenage fan girl” in Amy Roloff and Chris Marek’s direction.

She continued to explain: “My interpretation is it probably confused Amy, because she then turns her head and loudly shouts after us, ‘Excuse me? What was that?‘ in that same b**chy tone she so famously uses with Matt.”

The OP explained that when she looked back she saw her mother-in-law sheepishly walking over to their table as if they summoned her to be there before saying hello and apologizing for disturbing them as she explained she was a fan.

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“To which Amy responded in either a confused or annoyed tone (hard to tell, but it definitely wasn’t friendly), ‘Oh, okay… Well thank you.’”

The OP recalls her mother-in-law basically being a deer caught in the headlights at this point before Chris Marek proceeds to ask if there was anything else she wanted/needed to say.

The individual added as they wrapped up explaining the encounter: “That seemed to snap MIL out of her trance and she was like, “‘Oh no. I’m sorry. I was just saying ‘Hello.’ I’ll let you get back to it. Nice meeting you.’ Then MIL turned and walked away. MIL didn’t see as she high-tailed off but I caught a glance of both Amy & Chris looking at each other with kind of a smirk and I don’t know what Amy said as her back was towards me, but I did see Chris roll his eyes goes back to eating. Mind you, this entire interaction probably lasted 30 seconds at most. We proceeded to leave and that was that. Awkward, but uneventful.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, YouTube

The TLC is known for being rude to fans

Now, the OP proceeds to explain that being someone who lives in the area it is a known fact that Amy Roloff tends to have rude or awkward encounters with fans who attempt to approach her in public. The OP felt bad for her now embarrassed mother-in-law who was simply starstruck and didn’t mean to be intrusive.

In response to the posts, other fans recalled having similar encounters with Amy. Some noted that it was “rude” and “uncalled for” as she opted to be a celebrity and should deal with fans in public with grace.

Does it surprise you that Amy Roloff is rude to fans in public? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.