Apex Legends: Learn from Pro Players and Get Better

When Apex Legends launched in 2019, it changed the perception of the battle royale genre. Apart from introducing new mechanics that were entirely new at the time, there was a lot more to the gameplay than met the eye.

The high-octane and adrenaline pumping gameplay has become a trademark of Apex over time. While the community boasts some extremely skilled players, many are still trying to grip the inspiring gameplay.

A well-known creator in the Apex community, Rag Tagg, recently teamed up with a well-known competitive player, ShivFPS, for a tournament. While playing with Shiv, Rag Tagg was able to add more dimensions to his gameplay during their grind.

The YouTuber has shared his learning experience from playing with the pro for those looking to improve their gameplay in Apex Legends.

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How to learn from pro players and improve in Apex Legends

Rag Tagg started by showcasing some of his old gameplay, followed by footage from some of his initial games with the pro. Then he presented gameplay footage from a week into their grind. The difference was quite contrasting, and Rag Tagg was able to evolve his thought process while playing with Shiv.

The improvements clearly reflected on his gameplay and were the result of playing with a pro player. Rag Tagg discussed the actual process he went through for those looking for a few tips to improve. For starters, one has to become self-sufficient rather than blindly following their teammates who have a better skill set.

One has to realize the factors that make their teammate better and implement them in their own gameplay. Pro players have better aim, excellent movement, and overall faster gameplay. However, there is another aspect of their gameplay that is underestimated. It is the awareness they possess and the information they clock.

In-game awareness is about knowing the location of teammates and opponents. It is also related to predicting player behavior, such as where the opponent could flank or rotate next. Then comes information clocking. It includes gathering intel about the weapons and armor opponents are bearing, the amount of ammo they are using, how many players are remaining in the map, and so on.

Playing with someone with a better skillset is a good way to learn more in less time

A player also must notice when and where their opponents were knocked and what abilities the enemy has been using. Another aspect of pro players’ gameplay is their precise call-outs. They constantly keep calling out available armor swaps, attachments, utility, enemy positions, etc.

The idea is to constantly provide information to teammates that they might not be aware of. These factors constitute the essence of the pro gameplay, and players can embed it in their own skillset with practice. It isn’t easy to get all these bits of information at once, but its definitely the way forward, one step at a time.

An efficient way to improve the gameplay is to play with a better player if one gets the chance. One has to observe what the other player is doing, but not necessarily become like them. Then comes realizing the little things in the gameplay that one has been doing incorrectly.

Not everyone is gifted with mechanical skills. However, incorporating these factors into the gameplay will actually help one become more dynamic in combat. Rag Tagg has broken down the learning curve in more detail in his YouTube video. Those interested can check it out.