April Jayne & Joey Burford Still Together?

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MILF Manor stars April Jayne and Joey Burford had a strong connection most of their time in Mexico. People would joke that he was the youngest while she was the oldest in the manor. However, they connected and chose each other as a match, keeping them safe in the house. So, what happened when they departed? Read on for more details.

MILF Manor Update: April Jayne & Joey Burford Still Together?

Joey and April formed an unlikely connection. Yet, she found him to be sweet and he liked her energy. They are definite parallels to their family who joined them on this adventure. Joey came with his mother, Kelle Mortensen who was all hormones all of the time. She had a few connections but wanted the fish who would ultimately bite. Then April’s son, Gabriel is quite possessive over his match, Stefany. He feels that she should be his regardless of the other guys who are interested.

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Now, it has come down to the season finale where the couples must decide if they will attempt to make it work in the real world. However, last week, someone from the ladies’ home lives came to the manor. In April’s case, it was her ex-husband, Billy Jayne (Jacoby) who still has a hold on her. This was quite a turn-off to Joey and it made him feel uncomfortable. By the end of the episode, he formed a bond with his housemate, Pola’s daughter, Emma who was coming to check out her mother’s match. He started to think that maybe April was not the right one for him in the long run.

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According to Meaww, both April and Joey still follow each other even after their time on MILF Manor. However, their current status in terms of a real romantic relationship is not clear. It might be because the season finale is airing tonight so they cannot give away any spoilers. Yet, April seems to still have a love for her ex-husband, Billy and that could be hard for any potential suitor to overcome. She might want to cut down on the PDA with him first before she pursues someone new.

What’s Next?

MILF Manor has been a trainwreck of a show with viewers questioning how this series can even remain on the air. It took mothers and sons and put them in a manor in Mexico. They both supposedly thought that they were going on individual dating shows but that was not the truth. The sons were actually going to be pursuing the other women in the manor to see if they could form connections. Sadly, the cast was cut down dramatically upon minimal matches made. Left are Kelle/Jose, Pola/Ryan, Stefany/Gabriel, and April/Joey. Who will actually make it past the finale?

Do you think Joey and April will decide to stay together after decision day? More so, do you think one will want to pursue a romance and the other won’t? Let us know your thoughts and watch the season finale of MILF Manor Sunday, March 19th on TLC.