Argumentative Sports Essay Topics to Write Papers About

Sports have provided a means for individuals to remain physically fit, get new skills and maintain a healthy mental state. In addition, in most cases, they have aided in developing social relationships and, to most of the fans, a source of entertainment. These roles have made sporting undertakings the epicenter of human life, with the academic sector deeming to adopt them as part of the co-curriculum activities.

The exponential growth in the industry has contributed to the rise of many controversial issues. Some of these are arguments on what should be considered a sport and how the activity is run, among others. These controversies and the fact that games have been fully adopted into the school curriculum make the writing on argumentative sports topics quite fair.

Perhaps your teacher has taught you something about how to write argumentative essays. Most likely, you’re concerned with one question. How do you choose the best sports topics for your argumentative essay? Choosing a theme for writing an essay in this discipline should be an easy task. For example, students can focus on historical data, feelings after vigorous physical activity, body processes, or operation modes within the different industry areas.

In this article, we make it easy for you. We present topics you can focus on to ensure you get the best grades on your school essay papers.

What to consider when choosing argumentative essay topics about sports

All your papers should be written authoritatively, with evidence, and present two conflicting views. It would help if you spent considerable time researching and ensuring you pick up the best topic. You can consider the following aspects to minimize the possibility of errors:

  • Choose a topic close to you. It isn’t easy to write on an unfamiliar subject. To curb this, choose a topic or issue that you understand well. This step will ensure you can collect all the necessary evidence and present an informed argument. This strategy will also ensure you write high-quality papers that guarantee top grades in your class.
  • The topic must be relevant. A lot of information on the internet can help you get started, especially with the essay topic selection and evidence to support your claims. However, it would help if you were on the lookout to ensure you pick only one relevant and supporting theme. The best way to ensure you make no mistake is to rise above the statistics of students who wait until the last minute before beginning your assignments.
  • Choose a workable subject. Avoid choosing too large-scale problems as your easy topics. In most cases, high school or college argumentative essay papers are brief. Hence, it would help if you chose topics you can effortlessly exhaust in between 1 to 5 pages, as these are the standard lengths used within these academic levels.

What do students gain from writing on sports argumentative essay topics?

There are a lot of benefits that a student stands to gain from writing. Some of these have been highlighted below:

  • It enhances broad thinking. Argumentative writing allows the student to present conflicting views, integrating them to enable readers to understand the issue from their perspective. These demands force the student to think broadly to present the issues in the best possible way.
  • Emphasizes persuasion. This style of writing allows the students to learn the skill of persuasion, how it works, and how to use it. As a result, they acquire relevant knowledge on how to make other people believe in their ideologies.
  • Helps develop critical thinking skills. There are so many controversies surrounding the sporting discipline that a mere traditional approach may not yield the best results. Hence, the argumentative style of writing enables the writer to develop a mindset to critically review an issue based on the available evidence, form an opinion, and present it to other people.

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Argumentative essay topics about sports

As a student looking for sports topics for an argumentative essay, you might consider different categories to align your paper to the area of interest. Therefore, we present some of the argumentative sports essay topics you might want to consider in your subsequent writing. The themes have been classified into two broad groups, seasons and types of games.

Seasonal sports essay topics

This group has essays concerning winter and summer sports.

Winter sports

If you are more comfortable with winter sports, then the following might be of use:

  • Is it a fault of climate change that winter sports are threatened?
  • Why is artificial snow dangerous for winter games?
  • Do hockey fans support violence and combat during the game?
  • Why is snowboarding becoming less popular?
  • Why do winter clothing stores thrive more during a crisis?

Summer sports

The following ideas will be helpful if you are into summer sports:

  • Gymnastics is the best sport.
  • Should martial arts be banned or kept for self-defense purposes?
  • Nike is the best sportswear manufacturer.
  • Golf is an all-time favorite summer game.
  • Why should the NBA summer league be promoted?

Sports games

Sports games are usually a competition between two partners. In this regard, there are rules that all parties have to comply with to ensure the program runs seamlessly. You can write your argumentative essay for college based on the game you are familiar with.


Soccer involves playing the ball with your feet. If this is your direction, then you can utilize the following ideas:

  • Football is a top-rated game
  • Why are many investors interested in soccer?
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • Soccer helps to keep the body in shape.


If you’ve been asked to write a basketball essay, you can use the following topics:

  • Basketball is the hallmark of racial bias.
  • What is the appropriate age for playing basketball?
  • Is basketball more fun than football?
  • You need to be tall to play basketball.
  • Should women develop basketball at school?
  • Why is women’s basketball marketing not as effective as men’s?

Final thoughts

Essay writing is one of the core academic exercises. Hence, it is normal for students to be bombarded with multiple assignments during a college semester. With argumentative writing seeming to be gaining momentum in academia, we hope this article answers some of your questions, especially regarding addressing topics in the sports discipline.