Ariana DeBose’s Upcoming One-Off Gig in UK May Open With Her Controversial BAFTA Rap, Says Emma Thompson, Baz Luhrmann and Gay Twitter ‘Seemed To Like It’

Singer and actor Ariana DeBose has said that her controversial BAFTA awards rap will be the opening song at her one-off gig, at the London Palladium in the UK next month. According to Variety, an American media company, during a pre-recorded segment on Zoe Ball’s BBC radio show, she teased, “[The show] allows you to get to know me so I might be spilling a little tea, maybe I’ll be talking about some experiences I had during awards season.” Ariana DeBose Pokes Fun at Her Viral BAFTAs Performance While Presenting Alongside Diego Luna at SAG Awards 2023. 

“Who knows, I might even open the show with the BAFTA rap because you know you want to hear it again,” added DeBose. She’s set to play at the Palladium in London on April 1, reported Page Six. DeBose briefly discussed her time at the BAFTA Awards earlier in the interview. The singer told Ball that she had partied the night away with Emma Thompson and received praise for her performance from Baz Luhrmann. Ariana DeBose Deactivates Twitter Account After Receiving Backlash for Her Performance at the 2023 BAFTA Awards.

As per Page Six, she said, “I’m not gonna lie, I had a blast… It was so awesome and then I spent the rest of the night cutting a rug […] with like Emma Thompson. It was fabulous. I had a great time. Baz Luhrmann came and found me and he was like, ‘I think you’re great, that was fun, I had fun,’ and I was like, ‘Work! That’s a win, you guys.’ And apparently, gay Twitter seemed to like it.”

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