Bad Axe football head coach position vacant, Palmer departs

Bad Axe’s recently-hired head football coach has landed a new position.

During this week’s Sandusky Board of Education meeting, Ryan Palmer was accepted as the newest junior/senior high school principal. His resignation was also approved by the Bad Axe Board of Education.

“Bad Axe is a great school and community,” Palmer said. “I was impressed with the leadership of the administration and the dedication of the student-athletes over the past few months. They are an impressive group of young men who are going to accomplish great things throughout their high school careers and beyond. There was one opportunity that I would have considered over my commitment to coach and teach at Bad Axe, and this was it.”

“When prioritizing my family and the advancement of my career, the Sandusky junior/senior high school principal was an ideal fit for both,” Palmer added. “I’m sorry for not fulfilling my commitment to the Bad Axe administration, students and community, but I hope they can understand.”