Bam Margera’s Bentley stolen, crashed into house

Bam Margera's Bentley stolen, crashed into house

Bam Margera has had his fair share of joy rides, but it looks like his Bentley took a wild ride without him.

The “Jackass” star, 41, told TMZ that his Bentley was stolen on Tuesday night from where he stopped to get gas and charge his phone in Vista, Calif. He was on the way to see his shaman when the crime occurred.

Margera said that he noticed the car was missing when he looked out the store window and soon after a chase with police started. The person who stole it ended up crashing the Bentley into someone’s home, with the collision being caught on camera.

Margera added the the car was not totaled but it does need repairs.

Meanwhile, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department told the outlet that deputies responded to a call from a gas station around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday and saw several men climbing into a black Bentley. When the men drove off, the deputy followed and two of the men ran off while the car sped into a residential area.

When the deputies found the car, the men were gone. One person was arrested for a parole violation and was taken to jail.

No injuries occurred, per the Sheriff’s Department.

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