Barkley Disrupts Inside the NBA With Hilarious Innuendo

As TNT’s Inside the NBA crew has come to expect at this point, Charles Barkley found a way to make another innuendo without even realizing it.

Like always, it’s best to immediately look at Shaquille O’Neal for his hilarious reaction.

During the post-game show, the crew were talking about the city of Boston when Barkley revealed he’d never been to Fenway Park, the home of the Red Sox. He said it’s a dream of his to sit on top of the Green Monster, the iconic left-field wall at the stadium.

His wording, however, was far from innocent.

“I would love to sit on top of the Monster,” Barkley said, which elicited laughs from O’Neal and Kenny Smith right away.

Barkley and Ernie Johnson continued their conversation about Fenway while the other two couldn’t control themselves.

“I’ll donate money to charity to sit on top of that Monster,” Barkley said, provoking O’Neal and Smith even further.

Smith then decided he had to say something.

“Just a viral moment waiting to happen, man,” he said.

O’Neal, occupying his usual role during these moments, tried to egg Barkley on some more.

“What do you wanna sit on, Chuck?” O’Neal struggled to say over his laughter.

He also noted how frequently Barkley finds a way to leave the crew in stitches. O’Neal even gave it a name.

“Once a week,” he said. “On today’s episode of ‘What the Chuck Did You Say.’”

Watch above via TNT.