Best Amazon Golf Deals for Memorial Day 2023

After a childhood of caddying in the mornings and sneaking out for nine holes with my dad before sunset, summer is, to me, synonymous with the sights, sounds, and smells of golf. From fresh cut grass to the echo of the ball rolling into the cup, there’s nothing like the simple joys of the game during the best season of the year. With the unofficial start of summer upon us, it’s a great time to consider your own relationship with golf and the gear you bring in order to enjoy your time on the course. If your equipment is in need of a refresh before the season begins, you’ll want to check out the impressive markdowns from the Amazon Memorial Day Sale before you hit the green. 

During this weekend savings event, golfers can score big discounts up to nearly 40 percent off on a great selection of products that will improve your game. Part of evolving as a golfer is realizing that modern technology and innovation has changed the game immeasurably, from the alloys used to forge modern irons to the sweat-wicking fabrics that keeps you cool in your collared shirts. Nothing replaces practice and focus, but proper equipment goes far, and that extends to making the game as fun as possible with the things that can increase enjoyment even if your score is in the triple digits. That being said, you’ll want to check out these can’t-miss deals on premium Vice golf balls, the Titleist Players 4 Stand Golf Bag, and Precision Pro NX9 Rangefinder

Without further ado, this longtime golfer dug into the savings to find the 15 best deals for golfers from the Amazon Memorial Day Sale. Start your season with some new and exciting accessories and gadgets that, at the very least, help you look like a pro and enjoy it as much as winning your first major.

Titleist Players 4 Stand Golf Bag


This is my everyday bag, which replaced the previous Titleist version I had that was with me for 10 years before that, so I know first hand that Titleist makes the best carry bags out there. The Players 4 Golf Bag upgrades so many things, including the legs and club dividers, but my favorite features are the new double straps, which for a former caddy like myself, make me jealous for the next generation of loopers. But even if you’re carrying yourself for the full 18 holes, you’ll appreciate, at under 4 pounds, just how lightweight and sturdy this bag is. Add in truly functional storage pockets, a cooling drink pouch, and some classic colorways, this is the bag to buy even when it’s not on sale.  

To buy:, $189 (originally $225)

Vice Golf Pro Plus 12-Piece Ball Set


Choosing the right golf ball for your game has a surprising effect on how well you can play. We all love to find a few lost ones on the course as we play and put them into rotation, but considering how even the smallest cut or blemish on the casing can cause your trajectory or loft to majorly change, it’s worth it to have a dozen or two of some new, well-made balls at your disposal. Vice Golf has been making quality balls at a lower price than the stalwart brands for a decade, and the Pro Plus versions are major upgrades for your pursuit of a lower index. 

To buy:, from $32 (originally $38)

True Linkswear All-Day Knit II Men’s Golf Shoes


Golf shoes have come a long way in the last few decades, going from hard metal spikes to built-in tread, stiff leather to supportive sneaker-like materials, and expected neutrals like white and brown to every color you can imagine. True Linkswear makes the most comfortable footwear for the course I have tested, and the brand’s Knit II Golf Shoes are the best for the summer. They blend a lightweight construction with firm grips and hip styles usually not seen on the links. They are also rarely on sale, so this is a great opportunity to get your footing right and improve your look and score.

To buy:, from $119 (originally $145)

SuperStroke Traxion Tour 3.0 Golf Putter Grip


No putter is magic — not even the Billy Baroo from Caddyshack — but having a mallet that you can make an extension of your own arms is key to consistent, well-hit putts. While there are many styles, the one you have is likely good enough if you upgrade your grip before you hit the green. The best-selling SuperStroke Putter Grips are my personal picks for this task: it’s thick enough to force your hands to stay in place while your pendulum swings, but its foam tackiness is comfortable enough to keep your grip soft and increase control of the face. They’re easy to swap onto your existing putter, so you can make a cheap but effective change to your game. Plus, it’s at its lowest price in 30 days, so there’s never been a better time to buy it.

To buy:, $25 (originally $30)

Sklz Accelerator Pro Putting Mat


Once you swap out your grip, it’s time to get some practice in. Putting accuracy is usually the difference between a good golfer and a great golfer, as well as a great golfer and a professional golfer. So, improve your accuracy with a good practice mat that offers variation in its surface to simulate a real green. Couple that with 9 feet of length and clear distance markers with an automatic ball return, and you can truly work out the yips with the Sklz Accelerator Pro Putting Mat, which is currently at its lowest price in 30 days

To buy:, $50 (originally $60)

Callaway Dawn Patrol Men’s Glove


If you haven’t played a round since the fall, chances are there’s a shriveled up, ripped, faded gray glove in your bag that needs replacing. Resist the urge to play “just one more round” with it and get yourself a crisp, new glove for the upcoming season. Callaway’s Dawn Patrol Glove is made with genuine leather and perforated so you’ll be comfortable and dry no matter what the conditions are out on the green — or, no matter how many swings you take at the range. 

To buy:, $13 (originally $15)

Nike Men’s Reversible Stretch Web Belt


Surprisingly, there is such a thing as a “golf belt” that isn’t a needlepoint of green or pastel flags. Nike makes a performance belt that moves with you and your hips as you swing, and has a secure buckle to keep it in place on the front and back nine. It is also reversible from blue to gray, with a minimal and handsome vibe to upgrade your look past old-school preppy and into the modern era. Grab it while it’s up to 28 percent off and hurry, because they’re selling out fast.

To buy:, from $18 (originally $25)

Puma Golf Men’s P Hat


Pro golfer Rickie Fowler is famous for his flashy orange look on Sundays of tournaments, and the brand behind his style is Puma. Maybe you don’t have his naturally perfect swing, but you can get a bit of his look with the now-iconic Puma P Hat, which is 33 percent off, that he wore on tour. Moisture-wicking and comfortable to wear in the sun, this white hat will keep you looking and feeling cool, like Fowler — even if you’re over par.

To buy:, $20 (originally $30)

Big Max IQ+ Push Golf Cart


I have resisted using a Push Cart for years, instead preferring to carry my bag like a purist. But a shoulder injury showed me just how nice it is to have a little help, especially on rounds where you’re trying to play quickly. However, a cheap push cart can actually make it harder to get up the hills on the course. Big Max makes sturdy but smooth-running carts, some of which fold flat, and others — like the on-sale IQ+ model — that are so lightweight, you’ll certainly enjoy the walk unencumbered. 

To buy:, $189 (originally $230)

Ampcaddy V3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker


Playing music while golfing is a controversial subject: traditional courses don’t allow it, and even some next-gen golfers find it distracting. But, if you’re out for a fun round that’s more about the ride than the score, bring along a Bluetooth speaker that clamps onto your cart and amps up the fun. The Ampcaddy V3 Pro Speaker is waterproof, has long range, and is loud enough so you can hear it no matter how deep in the woods you go looking for your drive. Make sure you get one while it’s up to 20 percent off. 

To buy:, from $80 (originally $100)

Yeti 26-Ounce Rambler With Chug Cap


There is truly no better water bottle than the Yeti Rambler for keeping the cold, cold and the hot, hot. This 26-ounce model features the brand’s convenient Chug Cap and is perfect for fitting into your bag or the cart cup holder during 18 holes on a hot day. It’s also worth mentioning that these water bottles rarely go on sale, so this deal is worth it for even those of you who prefer your golf mini and your sand shots on the beach itself. 

To buy:, $40 (originally $45)

Wolvio Golf Bag Beer Cooler Sleeve


Speaking of cold drinks for a hot day on the course, if you’re going to keep the party going on the back nine, you’ll need a cooler on deck. This fun sleeve fits nine cans, is properly insulated, has cold coaster packs to put between each drink, and a shoulder strap if you need the caddy to carry it for you. Just be sure to tip him with one if so.

To buy:, $27 (originally $35)

Precision Pro NX9 Rangefinder


Having a rangefinder in your bag is no replacement for a talented caddy, but it’s definitely better than hitting every shot blindly. The Precision Pro NX9 model is on sale thanks to an  extra $20 coupon for Memorial Day, and boasts several essential features into a sleek and compact frame. It’s magnetic with built-in slope adjustment, while also being water- and shock-resistant, and quick to read. It’s truly a must for those trying to shave a few strokes off their score.

To buy:, $250 with on-site coupon (originally $270)

Sunset Rack Golf Bag Garage Storage Organizer


Golfers collect gear. Like any hobby, it consumes you to the point where all the sudden you have too many clubs for your bag and enough balls to start your own driving range. Keep your mind and garage in check with a solid organizer like this one from Sunset Rack, which is nearly 40 percent off and  will keep two sets of clubs, multiple pairs of shoes, and all of the accessories you can throw at it neatly organized. 

To buy:, $63 (originally $99) 

Bushwood Country Club T-Shirt


The definitive golf movie is the classic tale of the slobs versus the snobs, with a mischievous gopher and a relentless greenskeeper set at the idyllic if dysfunctional Bushwood Country Club. Caddyshack defined golf for generations, and its quotes still fill the locker rooms, putting greens, and 19th holes of courses around the world. Show your allegiance with the caddies in this replica T-shirt that proudly announces, “Cannonball!” 

For something a little bit dressier, add this snazzy quick-drying golf polo from Amazon-favorite brand M Maelreg to your collection while it’s up to 57 percent off. 

To buy:, $19 (originally $28)

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