‘Bringing Up Bates’ Josie Balka Chops Off Long Hair

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Former Bringing Up Bates star Josie Balka has chopped off her long locks! The 23-year-old took to social media to show off her gorgeous new look, revealing that she’s all set for summer. She made sure to share before and after pictures so fans could see what she’s done to update her look. Scroll down to take a look at the drastic change she went for at the salon this week.

Josie Bates Balka’s Style

Of all of the members of the Bringing Up Bates family, Josie is one that is frequently flaunting her sense of style. She often dresses to impress and goes all out with her hair and makeup. She’s a social media influencer and also does hair and makeup for weddings and other events. So, she must keep up with the trends and keep her skills sharp too.

She often catches fans’ attention because she doesn’t dress as modestly as some of her siblings do. She is sometimes showing off her curves or flaunting her toned arms in tank tops. Her newest transformation has certainly caught her followers’ attention too.

Bringing Up Bates star Josie Balka Instagram
Bringing Up Bates star Josie Balka Instagram

Check Out The Bringing Up Bates Star’s New Hair

Now, Josie is showing off her new hair via social media. Before heading to the salon, she hopped on her Instagram Stories to share with her fans that she was ready for a change. She posed in front of the mirror and said, “Let’s go get a haircut.”

Then, after her haircut, she took a couple more selfies. She got bangs that frame her face and chopped off a decent amount of length. It looks like she freshened up the color too.

You can see the before and after shots below. From what she has shared so far, it seems like it’s much more manageable for her as a busy working mom of two. She seems very confident in the after photos, and it looks like it’s exactly what she was hoping to achieve.

Bringing Up Bates star Josie Balka Instagram
Bringing Up Bates star Josie Balka Instagram

As Josie Balka decides how to style her new haircut, she will likely share lots more selfies with fans. So, stay tuned for more photos soon.

So, what do you think of Josie Balka’s fresh haircut? Do you prefer her with shorter hair or longer hair? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.