BTS’ Suga Birthday Special: 5 Songs Produced by Min Yoongi That Will Soothe Your Soul!

Suga is not only a versatile rapper with an insane flow, but also a great dancer, singer and lyricist. His collaborations with many Korean artists are a gift and have the power to soothe you through the toughest turmoils. He is of course brilliant when it comes to writing lyrics containing tongue twisters that could make your brain malfunction, but he also does a masterly job of composing some of the most profound pieces of music. BTS’ Suga to Embark on First Solo World Tour, Check Locations and Dates Inside.

Listening to a single song could make you feel so many things at once, and when someone does it with as much passion as Yoongi, it truly makes for something divine. For his birthday today, let’s take a look at some of his best composed songs that complement a singer’s voice beautifully. Happy Birthday Yoongi!

WINE by Suran feat Changmo

Suran’s soft melodious voice paired with Changmo’s rap for a track produced by Suga definitely makes a hit song. The song reminisces about a past relationship while drinking wine, and the relaxed laid back energy of this song will intoxicate you with good vibes.

SUGA’s Interlude by Halsey

Halsey has been a good friend of the band for a while now, so it was only fitting that she invited Suga to take part in her Manic album. He also features in this song, and his soothing rap along with Halsey’s soulful vocals make a beautiful ballad track that you should definitely add to your playlist.

Eight by IU

Suga and IU are two of the biggest Korean artists and it was so great to see the two of them collaborate which resulted in this gem. The song is about the struggles one faces at the age of 28, and Suga also features on the track. The music video is an engaging mix of IU’s visuals and animation. BTS’s Suga Has A Gift For ARMYs During His Birthday Weverse Live.

Eternal Sunshine by Epik High

Epik High are one of the most epic hip hop trios that have produced many hits throughout their career, and fun fact! They were also Suga’s inspiration to pursue music. The rap in this track is smooth and the lyrics deep and meaningful The music and rap bounce off each other in a playful way which makes this song even better to listen to on loop.

We Don’t Talk Together by Heize feat Giriboy

This compelling R&B song talks about a couple that has grown apart, and now when they meet there’s nothing really left to say. Heize seen with a skeleton representing her ex. The video also opens with a shot of her in a graveyard representing the death of their relationship. Giriboy’s fire rap combines with Heize’s voice and Suga’s production makes this track addictive, and is perhaps my favourite on this list.

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