Call of Duty Prestige Mode Might Return to Cold War

The latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise is Black Ops Cold War. While the game is still in the alpha version for PlayStation 4, the developers have said that a lot of elements from the alpha would carry to the final version.

One of the most sought after modes in Call of Duty has been Prestige. It hasn’t featured in any of the games after Black Ops IV but was the ultimate badge of skill and honor for CoD players. Along with the bragging rights, the mode provided cool features too.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Ranking System

In the alpha version, the rank of the players is supposed to remain ‘Rank 1. However, many players have reported a glitch that had allowed them to reset their ranks. Furthermore, a content creator named “DooM Reid” took to Twitter to report seeing Prestige while playing Cold War alpha.

He posted this screenshot that shows the Prestige icon, similar to the one seen in BO4, next to his name. He further tweeted that he had played the game for over 35 hours to achieve this feat.

A YouTube channel named GamingRevolution, in a video, tried to make sense of this. The YouTuber figured that since the icon is the exact same one from BO4, it could just be a placeholder and that developers might add actual elements later on.

He further quoted one of the press releases, which had announced that the developers would release further details about the ranking system later. However, he expects the ranking system in Cold War to be one that players have never seen before. He also thinks that the new ranking will be a mix of the seasonal ranking as well as the Prestige mode.

He further displayed a string of files from Cold War that mention ‘Prestige’. However, he later added that it might be leftovers from Black Ops IV, since both the games use similar models.

While nothing can be confirmed yet, the choice of the Prestige icon as a place holder does give hope to the players.

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