‘Challenge’ & ‘Big Brother’: Amber Borzotra Autism Diagnosis

During Wednesday’s episode of The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion part two, Big Brother Season 16 alum Amber Borzotra shared her autism diagnosis with the world. Turns out, this was a fairly new diagnosis for the reality TV personality and her biggest regret was not finding out sooner.

The Challenge & Big Brother: Amber Borzotra Shares Autism Diagnosis

As fans of The Challenge know, Amber is currently expecting her first child with her Ride or Dies partner Chauncey Palmer. She explained during the reunion part two episode that learning about her autism diagnosis really helped her realize who she was. Moreover, she admits she wishes she would have known she was on the spectrum earlier in life because she spent over three decades struggling to figure out who she was.

I struggle in social settings, and this pressure has been so much on me. And I’ve taken meds for depression and anxiety in this game, and I’ve told people I haven’t because it was embarrassing. I wish I would’ve found out a lot sooner because I’ve struggled with my identity for 34 years.”

Amber Borzotra - Instagram
Amber Borzotra – Instagram

Fellow Challenge Castmates Supported Her

During the reunion episode, her co-stars were quick to reassure the Season 36 champion that needing medicine for the sake of her mental health was not something she should feel shame about.

Amber Borzotra proceeded to explain that it was after filming concluded for Season 38 of The Challenge that she decided to learn more about her health.

I really needed help. It’s been so hard, and I had to figure out why I’m this person and why, my whole life, I’ve felt the way I’ve felt and I am this way. I’m trying to find my own community of people that understand that.”

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio reassured her that she had a whole community of Challenge castmates standing behind her and that she never needed to feel alone.

Amber Borzotra proceeded to tell her supportive castmates that her autism diagnosis was “fairly new’ and she was still trying to navigate what it meant to be on the spectrum.

She continued to explain: “Basically, I camouflage myself to fit in. So, if I see someone hugging someone, like doing something, I feel I have to mirror that. Like, I stim a lot. I don’t know if you guys know, I rub my hands a lot, I bite my lip or twirl my hair. I don’t know. It’s difficult at my age, finding out later also in life.”

Nany Gonzalez added to the conversation to reassure Amber that her autism diagnosis did not define her. She stated that every Challenge cast member loved Amber before learning about her autism and they will continue to love her afterward.

Fans Shower Her With Support On Instagram

It has been a little over a month since the last time Amber Borzotra posted on Instagram. That, however, didn’t stop fans of The Challenge from pouring into the comments of her most recent post to shower her with support. Fans noted they always loved how genuine and real she seemed on the show. And, they appreciated her opening up during last night’s episode.

Were you surprised by what she shared during last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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