Chase Stokes Admits He ‘Effed Up’ His ‘Stranger Things’ Audition

Netflix welcomes back Outer Banks Season 3, on February 23, 2023. The series is set in the outer banks of North Carolina. It is focused on a divided town of filthy rich families and people fighting to make ends meet. The “Kooks” and “Pogues” return to the screen to continue the drama and adventure. Who does not love a story with friends, treasure hunting, and secrets? Season 3 promises to be just as lively as the first two seasons.

Strange Coincidences

One of the main characters of Outer Banks is John B. Routledge, played by Chase Stokes. He is suave and fits his role quite perfectly. So, it is hard to believe that he originally was not going to audition for Outer Banks at all. According to Fansided, it was pitched as a being like The Goonies. He did not want to mess up a classic. He read the script and realized they were not as much alike as he thought. Chase Stokes then proceeded to audition for Outer Banks’ Topper role. But producers saw all the “John B.” potential and the rest is history.

Stokes got his start from Stranger Things with the role of Reed in the first season of Stranger Things. And coincidently Outer Banks costar, Madelyn Cline also appeared in Stranger Things as a high schooler named Tina in Season 2. Entertainment talks about Chase Stokes originally auditioned for the role of Steve Harrington in Stranger Things but things quickly took a turn for the worse during his audition.

Dusty Yourself Off

When Chase Stokes auditioned for Steve Harrington, he admitted to Access Hollywood  “I forgot all the lines and absolutely effed up.” Chase did not let it defeat him. Although he was not cast as Steve, The Duffer Brothers offered him the role of Reed. Stokes credited where he is today to the chance that Stranger Things gave him. But how different would Stokes story have been if he had played Steve? Would he even be the John B. fans know and love? And who can imagine Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington as anyone else but Joe Keery? As fates would have it, Chase Stokes’ mistakes made for greater opportunities.

“Joe Keery is an absolute legend who is so good as Steve Harrington,” Chase Stokes said. “I’m super proud of him, I’ve talked to him a little bit throughout the years.” Chase Stokes also said, “I’m just thankful for the Duffer brothers for giving me an opportunity to, like, do job and start my career,” Stokes continued. “I mean if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.”

Watch Chase Stokes in the newest season release of the Netflix Series Outer Banks. Stay tuned for more from Steve Harrington in Stranger Things finale.

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