Chiefs’ Travis Kelce blasts ‘wack’ NFL kickoff rule in long rant

The NFL dropped a new kickoff rule that has created quite a stir. A number of players and coaches have expressed their displeasure, including Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Now, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is joining in on bashing the league’s new rule during Jason Kelce’s New Heights podcast.

“I think this is absolutely stupid. I don’t think this is making the game safer. I think it’s making it more boring and taking a lot of excitement out of the game’s opening play. This is wack.”

Travis Kelce definitely has a right to be upset with the new rule, and he isn’t the only one. Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles center, also is not happy about the rule change: “We’re just getting closer and closer to removing special teams. We’re just going to have guys, ‘Hey, I’m going to run 80 yards for no reason and then we’re going to start the drive!’”

Per the NFL’s new rule, if there is a fair catch anywhere behind the 25-yard line, the ball will be placed at the 25-yard line. So, there basically isn’t much incentive to take a kickoff back at that point.

Others, such as Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur, also aren’t pleased about this new rule. All in all, the rule change certainly hasn’t gone over well. It’s one thing to think about player safety, but doing it like this surely isn’t going over well with anybody.

If there is a silver lining, it’s that this rule is only in place for 2023. If it doesn’t go well, it can be changed once again for the 2024 season.