Co-Founder of Dot Studios and Rising Filmmaker Om Singh Makes His Name Synonymous With Success

Dot Studios is all about ideas that stand distinctive from the rest, which helps to connect deeper with audiences effortlessly.

Isn’t it astounding to read and learn more about all those people that believe in walking on the less-trodden paths and not following the norms set by other established names in their industry? Well, only a few rare gems have been able to do this, creating a unique path of success for themselves, even in highly saturated and competitive industries across the world. It is necessary to hold more talk around these professionals, for their journeys and the bold choices they make along their paths that ignite the fire within other budding professionals worldwide in ways more than one. Om Singh undoubtedly stands as one such professional, a rising filmmaker and producer and co-founder, making his name synonymous with success in the vast and ever-so-evolving media, marketing and entertainment realms.

“Over the years, I have seen how the entertainment sector has grown, particularly in India, with the influx of tremendously talented filmmakers, writers, actors, producers and others. However, somewhere down the line, filmmakers work around the same old storylines or clichéd concepts, which never really impressed me. This motivated me to work in the direction of co-founding what we today know as Dot Studios, along with my two partners and make it stand as one of the most promising production houses in the industry,” shares Om Singh.

He further says that the industry today needs more powerful scripts and a powerful and impact-generating production that can bring stories to life and which can effortlessly impact the mindsets of audiences for the positive. With Dot Studios, the team is quite excited and looking forward to turning ideas into reality through great filmmaking and production and choosing scripts with something valuable to offer audiences.

Om Singh (@omi1187), interestingly, had started in the wedding planning sector and then worked as a talent manager. He later worked in the marketing side of things with his marketing agency TGB Troop, which came under Dot Media Base, its parent company and also ran a talent management firm Onze Talent, where he managed celebs like Prince Narula, Karan Kundrra, Suyyash Rai and many others. However, with his partners, he decided to take multiple giant steps forward, and that’s how Dot Studios was built.

Now these partners are working on ground-breaking ideas and scripts that can lead them to make short movies, films, miniseries and a lot more.

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