College Football vs Professional Football: Which Is Better?

The argument of which is better has been around for very long: college football or professional football. However, it’s time to help settle this score. This piece explains 8 reasons college football is better than the NFL. Sit tight, as this article might help you decide to consider college football betting.

8. The start of college football is a week earlier

Yes, there are preseason games in the NFL. The first preseason game usually excites fans since it signals the end of the annual sports calendar’s late summer void.

But let’s face it, fans are pretty much done with the NFL preseason after week two. No one appears to be playing to win as the coaches spare their top players.

A whole week before the NFL regular season, college football always kicks off over the Labor Day weekend. All good things come to those who wait, but whoever said that wasn’t a college football fan.

7. Sundays versus Saturdays

Sleeping on Friday night knowing there is a match to watch on Saturday is the best feeling in the world. Even if you can find a few hours to watch your preferred NFL team, the thought of having to go back to work the next day looms over you. That emotion frequently deflates my sails.

6. Better Competition

There’s no doubt that the NFL has some nice rivalries, but there isn’t much genuine emotion since there isn’t much institutional tradition.

A USC vs UCLA, an Ohio State vs Michigan, an Egg Bowl, or an Iron Bowl will never be played in the NFL.

5. Stadia

If you have had the good fortune to visit numerous college and NFL stadiums across the nation, you’ll see that there’s no comparison. Most NFL stadiums are in commercial or downtown areas with little to no character outside of the arena.

Most college stadiums are on college campuses, typically offering a calm yet vibrant environment. This is especially true if you went to the university where the game is being played—fantastic memories!

4. Tailgating

The fundamental element of college football is tailgating. Although many NFL fans tailgate, there is no resemblance to college football.

Tailgating attendance during college football games is typically higher than the stadium’s actual seating capacity. College football tailgate parties have considerably more elaborate setups. Most of the tailgate events at an NFL game have corporate sponsors.

3. Players

There are a few conceited prima donnas in college football, but most players compete out of pride. It’s entertaining to see a player enter the game as a high school student and watch him mature into a young man.

2. Bowl Season

The college football bowl games are the icing on the holiday cake. The holidays are always a joyous time of year. Nothing is more enjoyable than finishing a substantial New Year’s Day lunch, letting out the old belt, and relaxing on the couch to watch the opening bowl matches of the new year. It’s far better than chit-chatting with the family!

1. Fans

The additional justifications on this list contribute to why college football supporters are superior to NFL supporters. The one thing they all have in common is passion. College football supporters are often more fervent about their team than the players are.

The fact that most NFL teams are in cities is one cause of this. If you were raised in an NFL city, you are probably strongly loyal to the local club. That is typical. You may even be a significant admirer!

The primary distinction is that many college football supporters attended the relevant institution for many years as students. You become a family member when you graduate from a college or university, and even the grizzled old Microbiology professors who aren’t big sports fans will typically support their alma mater on game day.

This dedication is clear when a large university is situated in a small community. Typically, the university serves as the hub of the community, the biggest employer, and the foundation of the local economy.

Sports fans and non-sports fans alike typically have much stronger emotional ties when they are the centre of the community.