Conference ‘coming back for more’ Pac-12 teams

Could the Big Ten add more Pac-12 teams? College conference expansion rumors are intensifying.

College conference expansion and realignment chatter continues to swirl and the Big Ten Conference is right in the thick of the conversation.

The latest speculation? The Big Ten “isn’t finished raiding the Pac-12.”

Matt Hayes of Saturday Tradition reported the news over the weekend, citing an industry source that said “If anyone thinks the Big Ten isn’t coming back for more, they’re not following along,” about the possibility that the Big Ten would seek to add more teams from the conference after poaching USC and UCLA.

Why would the Big Ten attempt to expand more into the Pac-12?

Hayes wrote: “Because the Big Ten isn’t leaving USC and UCLA alone on the West coast. It must protect its investment.”

According to Hayes, Washington, Oregon, Stanford and California “are the dream addition for the Big Ten if it can find the funding” with Washington and Oregon the preferred additions should the conference only have the funding for two more Pac-12 schools.

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Speculation about the future of the Big Ten, and the Pac-12, has been swirling as of late, but it intensified after the Saturday Tradition report.

Yardbarker wondered about the Pac-12’s long-term future amid more Big Ten rumors.

Grey Papke wrote: “The Pac-12 has tried to expand in turn, but it seems to be fighting a losing battle. The schools it can bring in to replace such high-profile losses simply are not as prestigious as the ones that are leaving. Any further losses to the Big Ten might jeopardize the conference’s long-term existence.”

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Outkick wrote that the choice was simple for Pac-12 schools if they were offered by the Big Ten.

David Hookstead wrote: “There’s a basic and simple reality the college sports world needs to accept. The Pac-12 survives as long as the Big Ten allows it to. It’s that simple. There’s no point in pretending otherwise. The PAC-12 lives at the mercy and discretion of the B1G. As soon as the Big Ten picks up the phone and extends invites to Oregon, Washington, Cal and Stanford, it’s over for the Pac-12.”

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Sports Illustrated wrote that adding more Pac-12 schools just made sense for the Big Ten.

Cole Thompson wrote: “Much like the Bruins and Trojans, any deal involving Oregon would likely have to include Washington. As the two largest programs remaining in the Pac-12, both schools would bring in significant revenue to the Big Ten under the new media rights deal. Not to mention, a deal to bring over two more west coast schools would ease travel arrangements for USC and UCLA, while also adding to the conference’s plan for westward expansion.”

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Bro Bible speculated that the Pac-12 California schools would pay off for the Big Ten.

Clay Sauertieg wrote: “Following the addition of USC and UCLA, there were immediate reports that the Big Ten could add other Pac-12 schools as well. Oregon and Washington were some of the first names to arise. But since then, it appears Cal and Stanford have come to the forefront. That would give the Big Ten the entirety of California’s Power 5 football program, a move which could pay dividends on a number of fronts.”

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