Convicted child molester Hannah Tubbs charged in 2019 robbery

A transgender woman sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility for molesting a 10-year-old in California has been charged in a 2019 robbery, The Post has learned.

Hannah Tubbs, 26, was serving a two-year sentence at a juvenile facility in Los Angeles County when she was arrested there Friday on a felony second-degree robbery charge, online records show.

Tubbs, born as James Edward Tubbs, will be prosecuted under that name in the 2019 robbery, sources told The Post.

Tubbs is being held on $1 million bail in the Kern County jail in Bakersfield, Calif., and is set to appear in court there Tuesday to be arraigned, online records show.

Tubbs made news in January after pleading guilty to the 2014 assault in a Denny’s restaurant in Palmdale, where prosecutors said the then-17-year-old grabbed a 10-year-old girl and put her hands down her pants in a stall.

Tubbs was arrested in 2019 after she was arrested on a battery charge in Idaho and her DNA matched a national database. She then pleaded guilty to the California sexual assault in November.

A judge ruled Tubbs would serve her two-year sentence at a youth treatment center after Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón declined to file a motion to move the case out of juvenile court, where it was filed because of Tubbs’ age at the time of the offense.

Judge Mario Barrera reiterated several times in court that he was limited to sentencing Tubbs to two years because Gascón’s office did not file a request to send the case to adult court.

Tubbs is controversially serving her sentence at a juvenile facility as an adult because Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón declined to move the case out of juvenile court.
Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Tubbs then reportedly boasted about her light sentence, prompting Gascón to acknowledge in a statement in late February that the punishment may have been too lenient.

While in custody, Tubbs made crude comments about the girl while boasting that Tubbs wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender now, KTTV reported, citing a recorded call to her father.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tubbs told her dad of the case. “It’s a strike, but they’re gonna plead, I’m going to plead out to them and plead guilty.”

Gascón’s statement noted the “extremely troubling” remarks Tubbs made about the case and the young girl she harmed.

“While for most people several years of jail time is adequate, it may not be for Ms. Tubbs,” Gascón said. “If we knew about her disregard for the harm she caused, we would have handled this case differently.”

Gascón’s decision caught the ire of the prosecutor in the case and Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who said the judge’s “hands were tied” during sentencing because of the DA’s inaction.

“Instead, we’re left with a 26-year-old individual sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility in isolation, separated by sight and sound from the other juveniles,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger said in January.