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Cops can’t take unscheduled days off after Chauvin verdict

Cops can't take unscheduled days off after Chauvin verdict

The NYPD has told cops there will be no unscheduled days off beginning Monday, according to an internal department memo obtained by The Post.

The memo — effective Monday “until further notice” — is in preparation for any possible protests following the Derek Chauvin trial verdict in Minnesota.

The missive was issued Friday evening.

Officers can still take their scheduled days off at this point, “but that could change depending on the verdict,” police sources say.

The NYPD confirmed Saturday that the order was “necessary in order to satisfy personnel requirements for any post Derek Chauvin verdict protests.”

The NYPD has been preparing for nearly a year for possible protests in the Big Apple after the verdict comes down in the Chauvin trial — training officers, reviewing tactics and performing tabletop exercises, police officials said Thursday.

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