Cowboys’ Jerry Jones says fans will be in attendance after Texas governor gives OK

Jerry Jones, the owner of Dallas Cowboys, mentioned that he had been given the go-ahead to bring together the fans to the stands for this game season. According to him, the game is completely fair. On Tuesday, Jones was enquired during his KRLD interview about the existing lack of policy in league with regards to the fan attendance.

He was also asked if it is fair that some of the teams can bring in the fans while others aren’t allowed to do so due to existing local as well as state restrictions. As per Jones, having a supportive crowd is beneficial for the sport. Not just that, there is no way a team can have a great game without the fans cheering them up from all around. However, one has to adapt and modify things to ensure that the virus doesn’t affect anyone in a rancid manner.

Jones also mentioned that Greg Abbott, the local Governor, has Okayed the fans to attend the games for the seasons. They also have plans to utilize everything that the AT&T Stadium can offer in the safest way possible. He also mentioned that we could lead things to a newer normal, whether it is an economical manner or social.

With regard to space, the stadium is very expansive, and planners are surely going to make the best out of it.