Creed III Movie Review: Michael B Jordan’s Directional Debut is a Complete Knockout with a Satisfying Heel Turn From Jonathan Majors (LatestLY Exclusive)

Creed III Movie Review: Creed as a franchise so far had been in Rocky’s shadow for the last two films. Michael B Jordan did bring in some much-needed new blood to this long running saga, however, with the second film you could feel there being a bit of repetition among the plot itself. So, it was surprise to see Jordan abandon the baggage of the Rocky films for his directorial debut and focus only on presenting profoundly emotional story with Adonis and his childhood pal Dame (Jonathan Majors). Michael B Jordan Birthday Special: From Training Montages to Fighting Viktor Drago, 5 Best Scenes of the Star as Adonis Creed from the ‘Rocky’ Spinoffs.

Creed III focuses on Adonis (Michael B Jordan) enjoying his retirement now. He is a family man with a child and is training fresh prospects at his gym when his childhood friend Damian “Dame” Anderson pays him a visit after serving a long prison sentence. Dame wants to prove himself in boxing because he never got a chance and feels cheated, so he goes after all Donnie has, sending these best friends-turned-foes into a grudge war.

A Still From Creed III (Photo Credits: MGM)

I love the Creed and Rocky films, but I was a little concerned coming into Creed III because this franchise has a reputation of crafting a plot that feels very one-note until the sequels arrive, and in that regards I was extremely surprised. The best part about Creed III is how it actually puts a huge emphasis on its characters. Everyone gets their due time to shine, and the development here feels stellar across the board.

Jordan, in particular, has made significant progress. Being more mature now, Adonis throughout the course of the film learns that not every problem can be handled with a punch in the face. That is especially evident in his dynamic with Tessa Thompson’s Bianca this time around. With their marriage, there is a little of a trouble-in-paradise element to them, and it generates a good tension that works well for the growth of these folks. Adonis now has a daughter named Amara (Mila Davis-Kent), and his scenes with her are simply adorable.

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However, the main highlight here comes in Jonathan Majors’ Damian Anderson. Damian is a force of nature, perhaps the most deep and lived-in villain the franchise has had since… well, since Apollo Creed. Huge and savage in his execution with nothing to lose, he merely has one goal: to grab everything Adonis has. Majors’ acting shines in that sense of betrayal since Damian is deceptive and doesn’t follow the rules, but he is still a sympathetic villain because you can see where he is coming from.

While the primary plot is successful, the side stories established by the film are not. Phylicia Rashad returns in the role of Mary Anne Creed, and it very much is evident that the movie can’t regulate time for her. So, when the emotional beats hit around her scenes, they didn’t land exactly that well for me. What I did like is how there is some continuity from the previous films, and Florian Munteanu’s Viktor Drago returns for a nice cameo as well.

A Still From Creed III (Photo Credits: MGM)

Creed III also features some of the franchise’s most impressive and experimental action sequences. Jordan has spoken about how he was heavily influenced by anime, and he wears those influences on his sleeves proudly. One particular shot in general felt ripped straight out of Dragon Ball Z, and the final fight is perhaps one of the best this franchise has delivered in a long time. It’s emotionally charged, feels hard-hitting, and most of all, is extremely entertaining. The only thing I can even nitpick about it is that I wished some of the old leitmotifs from the previous movies had a more prominent mainstay there. Ant-Man and the Wasp – Quantumania: From Da 5 Bloods to Lovecraft Country, 5 Performances of Jonathan Majors to Check Out if You Loved Him as Kang!

Creed III, which is also the first film to feature no appearances by Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, is an excellent chance to cement Adonis as a legacy figure.Jordan understands the essence of the character and lifts him out of that shadow and makes him be a person who is finally figuring out stuff on his own. That was something I really loved, and if there is more stories to be told here, then I am all game for it.


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Some Side-Plots Can Feel Rushed

Final Thoughts

Michael B Jordan delivers huge for his first time behind the camera. Creed III is definitely one of the franchise’s best, telling a rich story about a friendship gone wrong with some innovative action scenes and a strong emphasis on character drama. Creed III hits theatres on March 3, 2023.

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