Creed III Review: Critics Say Michael B Jordan’s ‘Rocky’ Spinoff ‘Breathes New Life’ Into the Franchise, Praise Jonathan Majors’ Damian Anderson

The first reviews for Creed III are out, and it looks like we have another knockout here. With Michael B Jordan making his directorial debut, critics are loving Creed III with many saying that it breathes new life into the franchise. Particular praise is being aimed towards Jonathan Majors’ villain Damian Anderson, who is being called the standout here, and the action scenes are being highlighted too. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews. Creed III Trailer Out! Michael B Jordan And Jonathan Majors Face Off Looks Intense and Hard Hitting! (Watch Video).

Watch the Trailer:

IGN: Creed III is a confident directorial debut from star Michael B. Jordan that shows he’s already achieved a mastery of the formula that’s brought the series so much success. An engrossing new visual dynamic to the fight scenes and a fantastic antagonist in Jonathan Majors’ Dame Anderson elevate it in the legacy of a franchise that’s no stranger to middling sequels. While it may not stray too far from the very familiar format of a Rocky movie, seeing Creed truly begin a legacy of his own apart from Rocky Balboa is an exciting chapter for the series.

ColliderCreed III honors the past while looking forward to the future, and gives Jordan—both the actor and the director—the spotlight in a way that shows his immense talents. By putting the priority directly on the family and diving into those dynamics for most of the film, with excellent performances by Jordan, Rashad, and Majors, among others, and by trying new things out in this series that is often known for its formulaic nature, Creed III is a breath of fresh air. Adonis might be avoiding the past in Creed III, but Jordan is learning from what has been done before and bringing this series into an entirely new generation, evolving this world in a way that makes it feel entirely new again.

Variety: Jordan, however, gives what may be his fullest performance yet as Adonis: now proud, now anxious, now valiant, now tearful, now at the end of his rope. As a director, he paces the movie well and stages the boxing matches with a brutal imaginative precision. Dame may be old for a fighter, but what he lacks in youth he makes up for in vengeful killer instinct. His body is chiseled, his soul hardened. He’s a wrecking machine, all right, though more than that he’s the return of the repressed, the side of Adonis that Adonis is running away from. If “Creed III” turns out to be the last “Creed” movie, it will prove to be a satisfying finale. But if not, it keeps the bar high.

The Verge: With Stallone’s Rocky absent from its story, Creed III feels like a pivotal moment in the franchise’s history meant to underscore how much it’s evolved over the course of almost 50 years. Adonis’ feelings about his biological father and respect for his legendary play uncle are still important parts of who he is. But Creed III takes the literal and existential titles that once defined Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa and gives them to Adonis as a way of signifying that this really is his story now and his alone to carry into the future.


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