Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo rips politicians as MLB games postponed over Jacob Blake shooting

Anthony Rizzo, the star for Chicago Cubs, took the politicians on Wednesday to the task as teams & players all through the sports world refrained from playing in the games post the shooting of Wisconsin-based Jacob Blake.

Rizzo’s commentary came to post the game participated by the Cubs against its opponents, Detroit Tigers. Jason Heyward, his teammate, chose not to participate in the game. In his statement to the reports, Rizzo mentioned that he has gone through so much in his high school, and things sure haven’t changed.

He was a student at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which is located in Florida’s Parkland. This is the very same school where one among the deadliest shootings occurred in the year 2018. He gave an emotional statement about the politicians who are a part of the government.

He also added that politicians do not really care about anyone. All that is important to them is their personal agenda. This is just the nature of them, and sure it is upsetting, but things haven’t changed and might not change soon. In reaction to the Blake incident shooting, 3 MLB games had been postponed.