Dad facing witness tampering for Instagram post

The father of a Manhattan man charged in a 2020 fatal stabbing in Hell’s Kitchen is now facing his own arrest for witness tampering over social media posts.

Steve Darbasie said he will turn himself in on Monday after an arrest warrant was issued by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

Darbasie, a 43-year-old salesman, has insisted his son, Tammuz, then 21, was acting in self defense when he was attacked in what he called a gang assault that left Terrell Wigfall, 24, dead.

He said Tammuz took out a knife to defend himself and Wigfall – the leading scorer in 2018 for the Bronx Community College Broncos basketball team — was stabbed in scuffle as he tried to steal his son’s bag. Tammuz was charged with first-degree manslaughter and is being held on Rikers Island on $500,000 cash bail.

Video clips posted in December to an Instagram account with the handle “Ratzzzz13” show witnesses being interviewed about the attack by police and apparently identifying participants. The posts include images of pigs and rats.

The posts are now under investigation.

Instagram page
A Hell’s Kitchen father says he is facing arrest for witness tampering over an Instagram page.

The post shows screenshots of the interrogation.
The dad said the NYPD stormed into his West 57th Street apartment before dawn Wednesday.

The posts include pig emojis, referring to the police.
Darbarsie said his son’s lawyer obtained the police video.

Darbarsie said his son’s lawyer obtained the police video, but he declined to say who posted it.

Terrell Wigfall
Terrell Wigfall was killed in the 2020 stabbing.

The dad said the NYPD stormed into his West 57th Street apartment before dawn Wednesday morning looking for him — and traumatizing his sleeping girlfriend — while he was out of town on business. He called the police raid “shocking.”

“The DA will send a swat team to someone’s house to charge them with a felony for an Instagram post, but allow career criminals to roam the streets,” he said.

Darbasie started a petition on to have gang assault included in the law as a justification for self defense.

The NYPD referred comment to the DA’s office which said it could not confirm whether a warrant had been issued.