Dahmer: Why is Evan Peters’ Jeffrey Dahmer True-Crime Drama Getting Backlash? Exploring Details Behind the Highly Controversial Netflix Series

Netflix’s most recent talk of everyone’s mouth Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is getting some huge publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Focusing on the infamous serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, Evan Peters stars as the sadistic human as it follows his killings from the 70s to 90s in the state of Wisconsin. DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Trailer: Evan Peters Plays the Serial Killer in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Show Based on True Events (Watch Video).

With a bunch going on online right now regarding the series itself, there is some huge talk to be had here over the morality of the series. With true-crime being a huge genre in the television hemisphere, Dahmer really pushed the envelope with its portrayal of probably one of the most sadistic serial killers in America, and banking on someone’s tragedy has caused the series to receive a lot of backlash. With the controversy behind Dahmer rising, here we will explore why the series has been getting the negative reception online.

Why is Dahmer Receiving Backlash?

In the same vein as one of the 2022s earlier release Pam and Tommy, Dahmer too didn’t have permission from its victims in telling this story. A thing needs to be understood is that Dahmer’s killings were extremely brutal, and those who testified for their murdered family members, still have many unhealed wounds and seeing those moments being recreated opens those painful memories once again.

The controversy began Rita Isbell, the sister of Dahmer’s victim Errol Lindsey, showcased her dismissal of the show. Giving a statement during his 1992 trial, which has already been telecasted a lot during the years, Rita’s cousin Eric tweeted out in response to the show saying that he won’t tell anyone what show to watch and what not to watch, but that his sister (Rita) and her family is very much not amused by the show. Pam and Tommy Series Review: Sebastian Stan and Lily James Bring Heart to This Entertaining but Exploitive Show (Sports Grind Entertainment Exclusive).

Over the years there have been countless documentaries, films and shows been made about Dahmer, and Rita particularly has had quite enough of it. In an article published by Insider, Rita spoke about how the show has re-opened those old wounds as she still has traumatic memories from those years, and watching the re-enactment of those events were particularly traumatising. Showcasing her disappointment in Netflix, she took issue with the streaming service profiting off someone else’s tragedy.

This isn’t the first time Netflix would find itself in a similar controversy as during the time of writing this, Blonde is receiving the same reception as well due to its exploitive and objectified retelling of Marilyn Monroe’s story. Earlier this year Pam and Tommy fell to the same allegations as well with Pamela Anderson decrying the show for still being made even though she didn’t want her story to be told.

Dahmer also received controversy due to the show having LGBTQ tags on Netflix. With Dahmer being a gay man, he used to occasionally target young gay men, and due to the LGBTQ tags being added to the show making the entire ordeal seem even more disrespectful, more backlash was received there. However, Netflix has taken them down. Blonde Movie Review: Ana de Armas’ Hellish Turn as Marilyn Monroe Can’t Carry This Objectifying and Exploitive Psychodrama (Sports Grind Entertainment Exclusive).

There is a conversation to be had here as true-crime adaptations are usually not the best way to go about something. While a story does need to be told, it shouldn’t come at the cost of someone’s mental well-being, which pretty much Dahmer is doing right now. Hopefully going forward these projects can be less exploitive because it’s the victims of those events who have to suffer again. Entertainment shouldn’t come at that cost.

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