Dak Prescott Ranked Above Aaron Rodgers In Latest Top 100 List

As far as NFL quarterbacks go, Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers are right up there with the top 10 shot-callers in the league. It would be fair to say that both of these stars have been grabbing headlines over the last couple of years. Of course, A-Rod has been doing that since joining the Packers in 2005 and replacing franchise great Brett Favre.

However, some experts would argue that Rodgers’ stock is on the decline while Prescott is on the rise. But the stats say otherwise. While Prescott threw for almost 1,000 yards more than Rodgers last season, they both had similar pass completion rates in the league. Prescott had a completion rate of 65.1 as opposed to Rodgers’ 62. But Rodgers led the Packers to the 2019 NFC Championship game.

ESPN recently released a list of Top 100 NFL players which saw Prescott come in ahead of Rodgers at number 20.

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Is Aaron Rodgers really the ‘seventh’ best quarterback in the league?

On a recent segment of ESPN’s Get Up!, host Mike Greenberg was joined by former Alabama State player-turned-NFL analyst Greg McElroy and reporter Dan Graziano. The topic up for debate was ESPN’s list of Top 100 NFL players which included Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers.

Here is what McElroy said about the fact that Prescott was ranked higher than Rodgers in the list.

He said, “I’m willing to concede that Aaron Rodgers is maybe not necessarily in the class of Patrick Mahomes, like I’m willing to concede that. But to tell me that there are six quarterbacks in the world that are better than Aaron Rodgers I think is absolutely laughable….Dak Prescott being ahead of Aaron Rodgers? Come on man.”

“The guy (Aaron Rodgers) went 27-4 touchdowns/interceptions, threw for 4,000, and went 13-3. What else do we want from this guy? That was by the way in the first year of a new system. So I am very bullish about what Aaron Rodgers can do this year….To tell me he is the seventh-best quarterback in the world is absolutely laughable,” McElroy said on the show.

Dak Prescott at number 20 was encouraging, claims NFL analyst

However, McElroy’s fellow colleague Dan Graziano had a slightly contrasting opinion on the issue.

He said, “I like Dak Prescott at number 20, I think he has outperformed Aaron Rodgers over the last two or three years and he deserves that spot….I was looking at Dak Prescott 19 spots ahead of Carson Wentz and got a chuckle..I mean this is a guy who has accomplished an awful lot in his first four years and I think is often underrated. But in this particular list, I thought seeing Dak Prescott at number 20 overall was encouraging.”

Dak Prescott starts his 2020 season under new coach Mike McCarthy with a clash against Los Angeles Rams on September 14, 2020. Meanwhile, Rodgers will start for the Packers in their seasonal opener against NFC North rivals Minnesota Vikings. Who do you think will have the better season of the two NFL quarterbacks?

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