Daniel Craig Birthday Special: From Casino Royale to No Time to Die, Ranking All 5 James Bond Films of the 007 Star!

The name’s Craig, Daniel Craig – well that’s a statement that should be said a lot considering just how much iconic work the star has done as James Bond. Starting off with Casino Royale, folks weren’t sure if Craig would make for a great Bond, however, the movie came out and he shut everyone up by delivering possibly one of the best performances as the character, and a film that completely reinvented him for the modern age. Daniel Craig Birthday Special: 5 Amazing Moments of the Actor as 007 From His James Bond Films!

Having starred in five films, Craig’s career as Bond has seen some of the highest highs, while also seeing the lows that did leave a bit of a sting. However, one thing’s for sure is that he probably had the best run as the character. So, to celebrate Daniel Craig’s 55th birthday, let’s rank all five of his Bond films from worst to best.

Quantum of Solace

This is perhaps the worst out of Craig’s run due to just how rushed the movie felt. Coming straight off from Casino Royale, the second film in his Bond saga, Quantum of Solace, failed in living up to expectations. With an overcomplicated plot and an underwhelming villain, the film fails in providing a thrilling adventure.


It’s not that Spectre is a bad film by any means, it’s just paced very poorly. Focusing on Bond as he tries to pull the lid of this undercover organisation that has been the instrument of his pain, Spectre was an uneven adventure that had many great action scenes, but some dull retconning and drama.

No Time to Die

Craig’s final time portraying Bond was thankfully capped off with a high note. No Time to Die is perhaps the most the Craig era has felt similar to the classic Bond formular. Crazy gadgets, an overarching story about ending the world, it was all propelled by an emotional story that completely solidified Craig’s amazing legacy as this character.

Casino Royale

After the Brosnan era of films ended, Bond had to be reinvented in a way that understood his essence, but put on a captivating spin on him. Casino Royale does exactly that because it showcases us the origins of this character, while delivering a satisfying story that did wonders for this franchise. Everyone is on the top of their game here, and Eva Green in particular delivers one of the best Bond girls.


Telling the story of a broken hero trying to get back into the game, Skyfall is a thrilling and riveting adventure. Focusing on Bond’s relationship with M while giving us a great villain in Javier Bardem’s Silva, Skyfall delivers on the big scale action and emotion big time. Craig shines as Bond while the cinematography of Roger Deakins will leave you in awe. Daniel Craig Expresses Gratitude for His Role As James Bond, Says He Regrets Complaining About ‘All These Injuries’.

Whoever plays the next Bond, they surely have some really big shoes to fill. With this, we finish off the list and wish Daniel Craig a very happy birthday.

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