David Woolley ‘So Excited’ To Share Life With Christine & Janelle

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David Woolley took to Instagram to gush about how “excited” he was to start his life with his future wife Christine and her sister wife, Janelle. This update to his Instagram came as a relief as there had been some nasty rumors floating around that his relationship with Christine caused a serious rift in her friendship with Janelle. Turns out, David Woolley fully accepts Christine and the large family that comes with her, including her unique relationship with her sister wife Janelle.

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

David Woolley Excited For Life With Christine & Janelle

Christine Brown and her future husband David Woolley went RZR riding a few days ago and they took a few special guests along for the ride. In the backseat, fans could see Janelle Brown along with her beautiful daughter Savanah. In one post, David Woolley was able to make it clear that he understood and accepted the plural family Christine had before getting into a relationship with him. He was ready to accept Christine’s sister wife Janelle and all of their beautiful children into his family.

In the comments, fans cheered as they remembered Kody Brown was never very comfortable with Janelle and Christine’s relationship. The duo being so close was something he found to be threatening as it prevented him from wedging himself in the middle and getting them to pick sides during disagreements.

When Christine split and moved away, Kody became even more uncomfortable with their friendship. For Kody, Janelle remaining friends with Christine was a betrayal and meant she was taking Christine’s side in the divorce. Still a believer in her faith, fans believe Janelle would have been happy staying with Kody and being friends with Kody.

However, it appeared as if Kody put her in an uncomfortable position where she was forced to choose him and Christine. By choosing Christine, it appears as if both Janelle and Christine are happier than they’ve ever been.

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

In the caption of his Instagram post, David penned: “So excited to share life’s adventures with my love and her Sisterwife, Janelle.”

In response to his post, Sister Wives fans appreciated that he was “man enough” to accept everything that comes with being in a relationship with Christine including her sister wife, Janelle.

Some fans joked that it would be nice if David had a friend or a brother to hook Janelle up with. Janelle, however, has previously said she wasn’t interested in dating right now.

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