Destiny 2 Honeydew error is blocking Season of the Splicer content

Destiny 2’s new Season of the Splicer is currently unplayable for some Guardians, due to a new error that players keep encountering: Honeydew. This issue is preventing many players from landing on any destinations.

After playing the season’s opening mission, we found ourselves unable to launch new destinations in Destiny 2. Other players have seemingly run into the same problem. Any destination in the game, including the ones needed to progress the seasonal story, force players into a “Honeydew” error whenever their ship starts to enter the loading animation.

The Honeydew error is keeping players from accessing the new Season of the Splicer content.
Image: Bungie

While we’re not entirely sure the scope of this bug, we’ve run into it ourselves, as have our friends, popular streamers, and some Redditors. Bungie Help, the studio’s tech-focused Twitter account, revealed plans to extend Destiny 2’s regularly scheduled maintenance by three hours due to the Honeydew error. Players can still play during this maintenance window, but they may run into additional errors.

However, Bungie Help is also investigating a separate issue where players can’t purchase season 14 (Season of the Splicer) on the season’s in-game page. It’s unclear if the two issues are related.

Bungie just launched Season of the Splicer earlier Tuesday morning, which includes a return to Destiny’s original Vault of Glass raid, a Transmog system, and some new activities.