Did Caryn Chandler Quit The Show?

Little People, Big World fans have been curious about what is next for Caryn Chandler. There have been rumors swirling that she has quit the show. In fact, the rumors state that she quit because of all of the Roloff drama. For years, she has tried her best to stay out of the Roloff family drama, but when Matt Roloff put the farm up for sale, there were a lot of questions.

The Roloff Family Drama

Shortly after the family feud began, there were a lot of questions about Caryn’s role in the selling of the farm. For longtime viewers of Little People, Big World, they saw Caryn as the manager of the farm. Matt and Caryn started their relationship shortly after Amy Roloff and Matt divorced. They have been together for years and Caryn always made sure to stay out of the family drama. However, with the selling of the farm, some fans feel that Matt consulted with Caryn first.

Caryn Chandler- Instagram

No matter who played the biggest role in this, Matt denied the bids of his sons Zach and Jeremy Roloff. This ultimately is what began the family feud, from what fans have seen. This feud pushed Zach and his family to Washington to buy a farm of their own and raise their children there. No matter what is going on in the feud, Zach seems happier now that he is further from Matt and Caryn.

Is Caryn Chandler Done With LPBW?

There are plenty of fans who feel that Caryn could have quit the show. The Sun reported that she more than likely has quit due to the fighting within the Roloff family. TLC has yet to reveal if there will be another season of Little People, Big World, but it looks like Caryn may not be part of it. One source close to Caryn told The Sun that Matt would love to do more seasons, but it isn’t what Caryn wants anymore. Apparently, she doesn’t like all of the bickerings in the family, so in her mind, she has called it quits.

Little People, Big World has been on TLC since 2006 and Caryn has been a staple of the show. She has quite a following, but there are some fans who would rather not see her. Even though she gets a lot of hate, she is still by Matt’s side no matter what. If Caryn has made the choice to quit the show, that is up to her, but from the looks of it, we may not see her in another season.


Do you think that Caryn is right about quitting the show? More so, do you think that she needs to stay out of the Roloff family drama? We would love to hear what you think. Leave those comments below and stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.


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