Did Tori Roloff Put Fans At Risk Of Being Victims Of Scammers?

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Tori Roloff’s 1.9M Instagram followers have become prey to a potential scammer! The TLC personality took to her Instagram Stories to warn her large following that there was a scammer in the midst that is trying to swindle her fans. What is the scammer trying to get from her fans exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Tori Roloff teams up with Social Stance

Tori Roloff has teamed up with an organization called Social Stance to host a giveaway for her followers. She explained in her Instagram post that entering her giveaway is simple. Turns out, all her followers have to do is head over to Social Stance’s Instagram and follow all 75 accounts they are following. Once fans follow all 75 accounts (including Social Stance) they will be entered in the giveaway.

How does this giveaway work exactly?

It is important to keep in mind, Tori Roloff isn’t actually giving her followers anything. In fact, Tori is likely making money via Social Stance by posting the giveaway on her profile. The 75 profiles fans have to like to enter the giveaway likely paid a fee to be one of the profiles fans had to follow to enter.

The fee Social Stance would have charged these 75 profiles is what would be used to pay for the prize, to pay to use Tori’s following, and to keep a profit for themselves. While the giveaway is likely a real thing, fans are often misguided into thinking the reality TV star is the one giving the prize away. Unfortunately, not only is Tori not the one giving the prize away she is also more than likely making money simply for posting the giveaway.

She has also put her followers at risk of scams

By posting this giveaway for her 1.9M followers, Tori Roloff has also put her followers at risk of being scammed. Potential scammers have made Instagram profiles that look as though they are Social Stance and they’ve begun to reach out to Tori’s followers. The scammer sends private messages that include a link and some instructions on how to claim the prize Unfortunately, the scammer is likely trying to hack accounts, steal information, and/or trick fans into spending money.

Tori Roloff - Instagram
Tori Roloff – Instagram

Sadly, this type of scam is extremely common on Instagram and Tori Roloff has put her fans at a greater risk of falling for it by looking to make a quick buck by posting this giveaway.

Tori Roloff warns her fans that only Social Stance will reach out to the winner and to avoid any other messages claiming to be connected to the giveaway.