Die Hart Movie Review: Kevin Hart’s Action-Comedy Fails in Capturing the Hilarious Charm of the Already Funny Series (LatestLY Exclusive)

Die Hart Movie Review: Die Hart as a series already existed, and it was pretty funny to begin with. So, I don’t know what the hamster wheel inside the creative heads were churning when they decided to reimagine – well, re-edit the series into a film. It’s even more rushed and doesn’t offer anything new, rather being the same old plot with a few hilarious sequences here and there. Kevin Hart Birthday Special: From Jumanji to The Upside, 7 Funniest Quotes of the Hollywood Star That Still Give Us the Laughs!

Directed by Eric Appel and written by Derek Kolstad of John Wick fame, Die Hart: The Movie sees Kevin Hart play a fictionalised version of him. After having a meltdown on a talk show regarding his status as a comedic star, Hart tries to reimagine himself as an action hero. When a role does indeed come knocking to his door, Hart realises that he doesn’t have the chops to star in an action film and seeks out the help of Ron Wilcox (John Travolta), who runs an action hero school of his own.

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Already having watched the Quibbi series, I was of the impression that this was perhaps a sequel to that show or a new story altogether. To my surprise, turns out it’s just the show edited to be a film. There was literally nothing new to be offered over here, and it made Die Hart: The Movie seem all the more redundant and lazy. The show was a standard Kevin Hart joint that was funny and enjoyable, and somehow the movie made all that seem dull.

Of course, you have Kevin Hart here, who is always hilarious. He brings all the charisma he is known for and makes the experience worthwhile. Basically, he is just playing himself and that’s all you need from Hart. He has always joked about wanting to be an action star in his interviews, and it makes for this meta layer that really brings out the laughs.

A Still From Die Hart (Photo Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

John Travolta also seems to be having a blast of a time. His character is someone who is extremely untrustworthy and just seeing Travolta enjoying himself properly was something that I could get behind. Nathalie Emmanuel stars as Jordan King, another student at the Ryan Wilcox academy, and she is in fine form too while Jean Reno’s turn as director of gritty action films is another fun addition. And yet somehow, even after watching all of these enjoyable actors, Die Hart: The Movie still didn’t get much of a reaction out of me. Ant-Man and The Wasp – Quantumania Movie Review: Paul Rudd’s Marvel Film is a Bland Adventure That Exists Only to Set up MCU’s Next Phase (Sports Grind Entertainment Exclusive).

If anything, Die Hart: The Movie honed in on the fact that just how important editing actually is when it comes to movies. Like previously stated, this was originally a TV show that now two years later is reimagined into a film. That structure definitely doesn’t work because so much of Die Hart: The Movie just feels rushed. At points it feels like there are hard cuts taking place with no breathing room between the jokes, and it all makes for a very rushed adventure that doesn’t hit as hard as it could have. The story is the same old with even less of a charm factor to it, and its just something that ultimately felt disappointing.


The Cast is Hilarious


Doesn’t Offer Anything New

Editing is a Mess

Final Thoughts

Die Hart: The Movie is a dull re-edit of an already enjoyable TV series. While seeing Kevin Hart’s hilarious hijinks and John Travolta enjoying himself could make for a fine afternoon watch, I would rather recommend that you stick to the series. Die Hart: The Movie releases on Amazon Prime Video on February 24, 2023.

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