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Dr. Ruth receives COVID-19 shot at Javits Center

Dr. Ruth receives COVID-19 shot at Javits Center

She’s a longtime believer in using protection.

Legendary sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer was vaccinated against the coronavirus at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Center on Wednesday.

“I was a little scared to tell the truth, [but] it’s nothing,” the spunky 92-year-old said in a video shared on Twitter by Melissa DeRosa, a top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The iconic sex therapist said she usually goes to the convention center every year for a book fair, but “this time, I came and I just got my shot.”

“I’m very glad I did it,” she said.

Javits, which served as a coronavirus field hospital at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, was one of three state-run mega vaccination facilities that opened their doors Wednesday morning.

Dr. Ruth said the facility was “very, very organized” and thanked “all of you young people working here,” adding that she’d be back in February for her second dose.

Many who scored appointments at Javits on Wednesday reported having a similarly positive experience. However, there doesn’t appear to be any spots left available through April.

In a follow-up tweet answering a question about Javits being booked up, DeRosa wrote that the state is “dependent on supply from the federal government.”

“If they send us more [doses], more appointments will be added.”

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