Evil Dead Rise Review: Critics Call Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Surtherland’s Horror Film a ‘Gnarly Crowd Pleaser’, Say the Movie is a ‘Refreshing’ Entry

The first reviews for Evil Dead Rise are out from SXSW, and it looks like we have a horror classic on our hands over here. With the film being called a “gnarly crowd pleaser,” many are in awe of the amount of gore and guts this film brings while actually being terrifying. The film is also being praised on providing a refreshing take on the Evil Dead franchise while still having a bit of familiarity. Here are some of the reviews. Evil Dead Rise: Bruce Campbell Tells a Rude Fan to ‘Get the F**k Out of Here’ After He Said the ‘Movie F***ing Sucks’ at the SXSW Premiere of the Film (Watch Video).

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IGN: Any way you slice this sticky-gooey-bloody charge into the next chapter of Evil Dead storytelling, it’s a success. Evil Dead Rise is a fantastic blend of franchise adoration, fresh storytelling, and all-out horror entertainment. Lee Cronin delivers an Evil Dead film that’s disgustingly slathered in gory bits and offers the fun-loving vibes. Whatever stumbles there are while developing newer Necronomicon lore or leaning into motherhood themes barely break its momentum, as performances hold strong through thick blood eruptions and thinner moments of storytelling (which are few and far between). Rise plays the hits, takes risks that pay off, and leaves us salivating for more — everything an Evil Dead sequel should.

Indiewire: Cronin’s “Evil Dead Rise” is a blood-soaked blast. He summons all of the best aspects of the franchise, while still creating a beast all his own that can boldly stand apart from the series. This is the kind of horror franchise film that make audiences fall in love with the genre all over again.

Variety: “Evil Dead Rises” — which, like Alvarez’s “Evil Dead,” premiered to an extremely receptive audience at SXSW — may well be a one-off for all parties involved. Still, Sullivan and Sutherland handily establish their scream queen bona fides, so it shouldn’t be surprising if we see both actors making return appearances in the horror genre. Nor should it be surprising if we don’t have to wait another decade before the franchise carries on.

Bloody DisgustingEvil Dead Rise is nowhere near as nihilistic as the previous entry, yet it’s frequently as intense. A fantastic pair of leads in Sullivan and Sutherland- especially Sutherland- combined with an endless slew of franchise tributes and unhinged levels of viscera ensure a gruesomely great time at the movies. More importantly, it opens up the franchise’s possibilities and instills the sincerest hope that it won’t be another ten years before the next one.

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