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$18 Amazon find keeps all the cords on your desk or counter organized and tangle-free

Is there anything worse than having to stare at messy, disorganized cables and power cords all over your desk, kitchen counter, or elsewhere? Okay fine, the answer is yes… there are millions of things that are far, far worse. That doesn’t make your messy desk any less aggravating though. We all have so many things on our desks these days, from computers and monitors to smartphone chargers, desk phones, and more. Some people also have a printer or a scanner on their desk, plus there are so many other peripherals that we use for work. Each of those devices obviously includes a power cord, plus there are more cables you need to worry about like Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, and phone cords that run to your wall or VoIP box. Long story short, you’re probably swimming in a sea of cords and cables right now, and you undoubtedly hate staring at that tangled mess. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution available on Amazon called the Yecaye Cable Raceway Cable and Cord Organizer, and prices start at just $17.59 right now thanks to deep discounts on Amazon! You could search for days and I doubt you would find a solution as simple and affordable as the Yecaye Cable Raceway Cable and Cord Organizer. It’s essentially a 94-inch J channel made of plastic, and it comes with a role of double-sided adhesive tape. It’s split into six different sections that measure 15.7 inches each, so you can arrange them to get whatever length you need. You can also split them up into multiple runs. That way, for example, you can position one along the back of your desk and another down the side. Then just attach the pieces using the adhesive tape. Voila… you’re done! This is a fantastic solution that’s perfect for desks of any size. It’s also a great option for your countertop if you’ve got a bunch of power cords for appliances that you’d like to hide. The Cable Raceway comes in four different colors including black and white, and they’re all on sale with discounts right now on Amazon. What are you waiting for?! Here are some key details you should know: Smart design offers a slim profile despite the large capacity of up to 10 power cords or up to 16 Cat-5 Ethernet cables. That means you have space for everything in your desk or countertop — kiss your cluttered cables goodbye The 94-inch Under Desk Cable Raceway Organizer Kit includes six 15.7-inch sections that you can run side by side or arrange along different surfaces. This design gives you the flexibility you need to tackle any setup The J channel design opens on top for easy access and to ensure that cables are locked in place. This also makes it easy to rearrange things on your desk or countertop anytime you want Keep your desk clear and maintain a safe work environment free of trip hazards Installation is a breeze with premium adhesive PE tape — no drilling, screws, or nails required. For an even more secure bond, you can use two rows of adhesive tape on the back of each Cable Raceway section instead of one